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Look what came in the mail! Once again, more of my savings account goes to VeloPress in order to get my literary fix.

Come & Gone is the sequel to A Dog In A Hat, which I finished about two months ago; quite glad that I picked that one up late in order to have the next one be relased so soon! 🙂 Once again, we have the story of Joe Parkin telling us his life story of cycling in a kind of way that makes you feel like this is the normal thing to do. He tells it from not only memory, but from the heart… and it leaves you with a feeling that how he tells it is how it happened word for word. I wasn’t able to get over how nonchalantly he told some of the tales that were in A Dog In A Hat, and once again, things happen, and he tells it. I know that sounds boring, but it will actually baffle how casually some of these events seem after reading Joe’s words. These two books are great for anyone who is more than just a recreational cyclist.

Paris-Roubaix: A Journey Through Hell is a coffee table book. The best damned coffee table book you will have at that, too. It goes over the history, culture, past/present/future of the race, and everyone who has been involved with it in nearly any way. It comes in at just a hair under 200 pages, and is full of explicit photos. No….. No no no no….. not bad explicit, think of it as being able to see inside some of the rider’s souls just by turning the pages. Many of the full page photos in the book display cyclists who you will never forget because of the crusted mud, the pain in their face, or how they look dead to the world while sitting in one of the Velodrome shower stalls.

I have borrowed this book from my college library several times, and each instance, I end up spening more time examining the photos than actually reading the text. This is a deep book, but it doesn’t have to be; hence why it is #2 on my coffee table book list. (#1, right here)

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The planets of our solar system have alligned and are causing odd effects in West Virginia. It is still on/off snowing, and somehow I have an increased amount of time to start new projects.

Projects List

  • New Book
  • New Repair Stand
  • Mountain Bike Cross Training

That is right, I am done with Bill/Carol McGann’s Tour de France books and have moved on to Joe Parkin’s A Dog in a Hat autobiography. I have heard positive things about it, but I have barely delved into it, so no review of it yet…

joe parkin a dog in a hat

Great Cold Weather Reading

I found an interesting DIY blog with a makeshift repair stand out of a Speaker Tripod, pony clamp, and some cut iron pipe. I have started on it, but waiting on parts to arrive.

Here is a link to the instructions: http://afajarito.blogspot.com/2010/01/diy-portable-bike-repair-stand.html

DIY repair stand

I know the pipe is in backwards... just waiting for the other pieces...

Lastly, I’ve been off searching unknown lands while more than a foot of snow is covering the untouched area of many trails. I think I found a really nice downhill run with little climbing needed to get to it. (Lots of climbing with the damned snow being ever so present…)

downhill mountain bike

gary fisher cobia

Sadly, my tires cut through the snow like a knife

It is almost the end of winter, so I hope to start a few more projects before I become too busy with life and being out on the road. Wish me luck.

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wvcycling.net is having it’s first contest!

Stickers and cyclists go together like JD and Turk, Laurel and Hardy, Bonnie and Clyde, or Johan and Lance. Easily said, they are a natural pair. Cyclists love stickers. They also love free stuff. This is a double plus contest since it is for free stickers. Not just ho hum 2″ x 3.5″ stickers, but Bumper Stickers! Yes! 3″ x 11″ Full scale bumper stickers. You know, the kind you plaster your laptop or dog or infant children with.

These bumper stickers are wvcycling’s first attempt at rewarding it’s readers for… well… reading!

The first 10 (ten) correct entries received in my mailbox (real mailbox, not email inbox, you technogeeks…) will be mailed a free bumper sticker from me. No shipping no handling, nothing. Free.

Ready for the quiz? Okay, here goes:

  1. Joe Parkin, the author of A Dog in a Hat primarily raced in what country in his book?
  2. Who is this man and what bike component (part, not brand name of the part) is he well-known for making?
  3. This Saddle belongs to _____________.
  4. This one may be difficult for WV non-natives. What State Park is this located in?
  5. What was this PRO Cyclist singing on the mic at the ’09 Giro, and Who is he? – Don’t stare too long or he’ll break down and cry.
  6. Name one registered trail at Holly River State Park.

There you have it. Mail your answers to the address below, and the first ten correct entries received will be rewarded with a wvcycling.net bumper sticker!

Stickers created by:

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