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Tiffin and I were somewhere between Mudlick Road and Turkey Run Road in Buckhannon, WV. These are some rutted out abandoned country roads that are primarily used by ATV’s now. I put some 29 x 1.8’s (46mm) tires on my cross bike, and decided to see how well it did. Everything was fine, other than the frame and fork clearances for mud…

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Everyone in West Virginia has been rejoicing in the wonderful weather this late into the season. Tons of my friends have posted on Facebook photos or Garmin courses of their New Year rides.

I decided to show Jeff the Petit Roubaix course here in Buckhannon. This was a great ride with some interesting discoveries. As I stated last time I talked about the Petit Roubaix, there was a tunnel… maybe 100 feet deep that I did not explore. We finally went through it, on our bikes, and found out that it could be rideable… in certain conditions. Also, with the large rock walls on both sides, we both scaled one of the sides to see where the path went.

new year bke ride

This was a random mailbox we saw. First time I’ve ever seen people use a bike in a little mailbox design. Look how the N’s are backwards!

Bicycle mailbox

Lastly, a video of our little trek into the tunnel, footage of the other side, and use scaling the rock wall in cleats.

The ride overall was a success, with it being 30 minutes faster than the last time I took it on. The rain held off long enough to get home, and I’m hoping that we can either get a TON of snow, or avoid it all together.

I’m hoping the rides keep getting better this year, and that I get even more miles in!

What are your cycling related New Year Resolutions?

Check Facebook to see what others did during New Year’s Day: http://www.facebook.com/WestVirginiaCycling

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Titus Cycles is having a contest where you submit a 30 second video link showing why you think you would be a good global brand ambassador. Here is my submission:

Check the criteria on the site if you want to read about what this contest was about:



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Being in college again, and super busy, it has been hard to get out on some long rides lately. Luckily this weekend, I was able to get a really nice 3hr cross ride in. Take a look:

Cyclocross singletrack jeep trail dirt road

Dirt road cyclocross dirt rideDirt ride dirty cross cyclocross

mud cyclocross 700c

cyclocross dirt ride dirty kanzaa

There are so many beautiful abandoned county roads and old dirt trails that can be explored!


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Dirty MTB Route I found last year. Decided to try it on the MTB. It was rought, but refreshing, in this all-road season!

Here is the link to the route: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/52806296

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morgantown cyclocross abra

Oct 30th and 31st are going to have some crazy, fun, and great races going on.

Oct 30

Marilla Cyclocross – APCXS # 4

Marilla Park, Morgantown, West Virginia

Information / Register On-line

Oct 31

WVU Cycling Cyclocross – APCXS # 5

White Park, Morgantown, West Virginia

More Information /Register On-line

These events are going to be a lot of fun, and have some pretty decent numbers attending. Both races suggest dressing up in your best Halloween costume!

Photos from last year:

morgantown cyclocross tandem

Cross Tandem! 😮

morgantown cyclocross gunnar betsy shogren

Local Yokels being dirty

cyclocross morgantown beer wench

Beer Wench?

cyclocross morgantown yee haw

Yee Haw!

morgantown cyclocross mud

Did someone say mud?

Photos courtesy of: Nature’s Essence Photography

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Finally received my Paké C’mute on behalf of Bikemania.biz and decided to stand it up with my wheels.

Work In Progress...

The paint color is awesome; it is like a muted (eh heh…) Bianchi Celeste color.  I still need to install a groupset, headset, and cockpit on this bike. It will be operating in…. two weeks or so? I will have to learn how to get used to a long-wheelbase bicycle again!

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