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Material by ways of EP/BC:

I believe Fall is here, my favorite season and why I choose to live in Wild Wonderful WV!
It’s hard to find any better place than WV to enjoy fall colors and festivities.
Get out there and ride your bike and enjoy this wonderful time of the year.
This issue:
This Sat October 6th is National Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day.
With help from Specialized and IMBA, EP/BC will be hosting kids of all skill levels at Poor House Farm Park in Martinsburg, WV this Sat for some riding and mountain biking instuction.
Date: Saturday, October 6th, 2012
Time: 12:00pm to 2:00pm
Location: Poor House Farm Park
At The Pavilion
We Are Limited to 50 Participants
Please Bring:
  • Parent
  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Good Riding Shoes

Local experts will be on hand to discuss essentials for mountain biking. Give some helpful hints and help with skills.

We will also discuss trail building opportunities for Poor House Farm Park
Fall Cycling Opportunities
Fall is one of the best times of the year to ride (My Favorite!) and here are a few places that are wonderful to check out:
Just remember to pack the essentials and dress properly. Come in and we will happily show you the many ways to properly pack for the adventure.


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Cyclocross is a zany bunch, and East Coast vs West Coast vs Euro have many different views on things…

Tell me what you think:

what I actually do cyclocross

Click for larger image

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Ah, these are getting fun:

what my mom thinks I do

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I always seem to be cleaning my mountain bike more than riding it. It’s the worst part, but its a necessity with our lovely WV environment ❤

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Went on a shop ride with a new guy from Morgantown. He had a sweet looking Colnago, but I for some reason didn’t take a full shot of it…


Anyone know what model it is? It had just about everything Colnago on it. ITM rebranded Colnago stem, Ambrosio Nemesis rebranded Colnago wheels, etc… Keeping with italian heritage, of course it had Campy Record as it’s groupset, circa ?2004? This bike was pimp.

Colnago Road Bike

Colnago Road Bike

Colnago Road Bike

Colnago Road Bike

Colnago Road Bike

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Through the first year, I have accumulated many posts that I never completed due to lack of motivation, or enough knowledge to flesh out the text. In this post, I humbly present to you my rubbish bin, AKA unpublished post drafts:





Road Race in Morgantown, WV – April 3rd!


From BikeReg.com:

Leave your expensive Flux-Capacitors and fancy wheels at home cause it’s WV and we got pot holes, but do not forget your climbing legs, and yes, they can have hair on them too. We don’t judge! If you want to climb your legs off come join us over in West “by god” Virginia for some wicked hard yet truly fun grassroots road racn’!! This race course has just about everything a cyclist could wish for in ridge top views, back country road, big climbs and gear pounds flats.This course starts and finishes at Gospel Tabernacle Church on Shannon Run Road. This race course has just about everything a cyclist could wish for in ridge top views, back country road, big climbs and gear pounds flats. Starting out at Gospel Tabernacle Church you head North on Route 19 towards Kirby.  Then a left on Kirby Road and across the mountain to Route 218. Then it is a right turn to head North on RT 218 into Pennsylvania. Ride 218 all the way up to Waynesburg. A quick right on cook road and over top the mountain you will find yourself returning south on Sugar Run Road. At Kirby, PA take a right on Kirby road and then it back country roads all the way back to the finish in Mt Morris.

The race is 47 miles, and registration is $20, regardless of category.


Nothing Like A Freshly Paved Road


Ever been on a ride where


Injuries – A Stick In Your Spokes


Mountain bike season came around pretty fast this year, Serious riding started in April, and road riding peaked in late September… Once the temperature dropped enough, I hit the MTB with full force. After a few component upgrades, something was off on the fit of the bike, and I felt like adjusting my cleats was a good idea.

This was the biggest cycling related mistake I made in the past several years… or at least I thought it was…

My left knee started killing me after my first ride with the new cleat adjustment. My IT Band also felt like it was cut with a knife.I decided I would take a week or two to let the tendonitis/ITBS to calm down, and stop hurting. These two weeks were terrible… The weather was perfect to ride, all my friends were riding; and there I was… not riding. Total bummer.

The inability to do something that you enjoy just because of one thing is so demoralizing.

I knew I had the entire skillset to ride with my buddies; I had the endurance, the riding skills, and everything else needed… except the injury was inhibiting me from riding.

What do you guys do when you’re injured and can’t ride or perform some other favorite activity?


Luckily I did not have writer’s block too many times this year, and I hope for even more published posts in 2011!

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alain delon the hitman le samourai the samurai

While having my coffee and reading my email this morning, I receive a phone call from my LBS. It is the owner, Matt. He is speaking as if what he has to say is urgent; “Three tri-guys from the town over just bought Madones, and are now talking smack. They invited us over to their stomping grounds for a… gentleman’s ride.”  Mark explains how he and his employee went on a century ride the day before, and still feel like toast. “Andrew, come with us and show those Ironman wannabes what Rule 42 really means. We could use your help.” At this point, I had late night flashbacks of Alain Delon in Le Samouraï, imagining me being a contract killer… but on a bike. Yes, my guns were for hire.

I was pumped. It’s getting to that time of the season where the legs are peaking, and rides are showing who took the time to train. Like Jean Reno’s character in The Professional, I took time to prepare and polish my guns, before use. Lunch time; I decided the leftover steak in the fridge could wait, and had a bowl of zucchini and pasta. Up until the minute we departed, I was checking my blood sugar on the hour, every hour [yes, diabeetus]. Nothing was overlooked. I wanted to be able to dish out enough pain that these tri-guys would be scared straight and never wear wetsuits on a bike again.

My body was prepared; now to do some maintenance on the steed… I made sure that the bike’s summer filth was removed, and shone according to my very discerning eyes. The drivetrain was as quiet as a mouse, shifted as calm as a Hindu cow, and as fast as Di2 possibly could. The bike spoke for itself by the silence that filled the garage. It was ready.

Our crew of three met at Matt’s shop, and departed to the meeting point given to us by the tri-guys. Once there, we were greeted by three men in sleeveless jerseys and one of them even had a double carbon bottle cage setup behind their saddle, eventhough there were already two cages on his bike. This was embarrassing. I felt like I was in the presence of something wrong. Something very wrong… These tri-guys just ride for better splits in their little swim, ride, run game. There was no feeling these so called cyclists honored the the way of a grimpeur, and I felt the obligation to fix that. I’m sure these wetsuit-wearing cycling poseurs had names, but I never took the time to listen to their greetings. I performed one last gun check in the parking lot, and we rolled out.

Our group set the tempo first by laying the hammer down. This trio of tri-guys kept up fairly well, and to my surprise, they could hold a line. *Gasp* We were coming up on the first climb. Quadbottle jumps off the back of the pack, and goes for the peak of the hill. I look at Matt, and ask him if I should make a response. He calmly says no, as we summit. What was directly in store for us left Matt and his employee attempting to shift into their lower chainring. Benched, false flat… Here, the climbing truly began. Matt gave a knod, and set me off of the leash like a dog chasing a car. My cadence was at the perfect tempo, and my stroke looked like Anquetil himself was pedaling. I was in the zone, and nothing could stop me. Quadbottle’s other friends came after me, and eventually caught up. They were a little more adept at this non-aero bar riding than I thought. I wouldn’t goof up and misjudge them again.

I brought the guns to the party for a reason, and here I was, getting ready to fire. The pain was brought with magnificent exuberance as I climb a couple hundred meters. I meet up with the ringleader of the three on the next to last hill, and see he is maxing out his gears. I ride past him, and look upon his face turn three different kinds of ugly. He grits his teeth, frowns, and shakes the dripping sweat coming off of his helmet. The feeling of passing someone with ease, and having gears to spare is a wonderful experience. Knowing you could be pedaling easier, but not needing to, all while those behind you are suffering… It is a beautiful thing.

Someone must have entered a cheat-code for infinite ammo, because the tri-guys were hurting, and my guns were still firing with no problem. I made it to the end of the ride with a few minutes until the next rider could be seen. It was a great moment; not only was I able to represent my LBS and town with honor, but also showed these tri-geeks what cycling is about. My buds were proud of me, and I was still feeling strong. Their training ride turned into a breeding ground of turf rivalry, and tough learning; they let me go off the front, knowing I was genuinely nearly peaking.

There was no one around me. I had slain them all. All that was left was to get home, give the legs a break, and enjoy some fine dinner. I didn’t stop exuding greatness until the Velomihottie laid the dinner plate in front of me while I kicked back in the La-Z-Boy. Just as I started to indulge on the steamed dumplings, I received a call; it was Matt. He stated, “Good work, you killed them all.” Apparently the tri-guys phoned Matt and wondered if this is how every gentleman’s ride unveils.  With a straight tone, Matt replied, “Of course, what do you think we are? Triathletes?

the hitman

In the end, I was hired to lay down the law, and teach these weenies a little something about riding a bicycle, and I did just that.

My reward? A new nickname: The Hitman

*Note: This post is a piece of quasi-fiction~

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This weekend was a blast; it consisted of some mountain biking, cyclocamping, and going out to Philippi to ride Thad’s Singletrack again. (You know, the WVMBA #6 race I covered)

Laura’s roomate, Amanda, bought a mountain bike over the summer; (probably peer pressure from Laura) and is riding occasionally now. We also had a few other pals come along who rarely ever ride or haven’t ridden in a long time. This has taught me that going fast is easy, but staying back with the pack, and reassuring them on how to control their bikes is difficult, or at least taxing. It is sometimes easy to forget what parts of a trail you had issues with, or how you learned all of those little techniques that allow you to bomb through the singletrack.

Being able to convey those things to other people in layman’s terms without scaring them by saying something like “But don’t go into a really deep, dry rut, since if you oversteer you will crash” will have your bordering on a very thin line… You just can’t say those kinds of things. Yes, they are going to happen, but you don’t want to scare them, yet you want them to develop the skills to still ride with you, and keep the collegiate cycling lineage going. We ended up doing six miles in like an hour and a half. I kept telling myself:

“Stay calm and friendly, don’t scare off the newbs.”

Later that evening, after gathering some supplies and camping gear, Jeff, Laura, and I went back of the woods for a nice little cyclocamping trip. Grant Peterson would have been proud of me, since I came in normal clothes, didn’t wear my cleated-shoes; just my boat shoes, and brought a wool sweater to sleep in. I’m sure his heart would feel warm if he ever read this. Oh, I also decided to bring my cyclocross bike, since I knew I could do all the trails on it, and I could latch on my rear rack to strap all of my camping gear to it. It rocked. I felt like a BA being on a cross bike, going over roots, and hills, and being able to hang with the MTB’s 90% of the time. Good stuff.

We set up camp pretty quickly, and right after that, it became cold. Really cold. Colder than that one ex that cheated on you, then told you about it straight to your-face-cold. What else did you expect us to do other than to sit around a fire, and throw stuff into it while hanging out and talking for a few hours? Check the footage to see the rip-roaring fire~ 😀

Once again, the Wenzel tent used was comfy cozy warm, and did its job well. When I woke up in the morning, I tried to make instant pancakes, but the little optimus pan kept sticking so bad it wasn’t funny. I gave up and ate the rest of the trail mix I had brought. I was really missing the conveinances of a teflon pan right about then. Later that morning, we all hopped out of the woods, went on our way and planned on meeting back on Sunday.

After church, we all met up at Gene’s shop to load our bikes and gear. I brought an icebox full of water bottles, and towels; planning to jump in the Tygart River after the ride. I knew the course was going to be intense with Gene coming with us, but I never expected a pentagenarian, let alone someone a little older than that to slay us… without noticing it! His Gary Fisher HiFi Full suspension devoured the terrain, and left us in his dust.

Almost makes me want to get a full suspension… *suppress such thoughts, be a man!* Maybe I should just HTFU and learn how to ride and control my bike.

See how the tables turn? Friday, Kicking ass. Sunday, Ass = kicked.

Gene did help us out a ton on descents, switchbacks, and the rock gardens that I call Indian burial grounds; they’re mounds and piles of rocks built up in order to ruin your pedals when you climb up them. Video below.

Mouth of the Buckhannon River as it issues int...

Wonderful Scenery

Our trip was a success, and we ended up reinforcing our tradition of jumping in the river. It was much colder than it was

on Thursday (Did a reconnaissance ride with Laura), and I can only imagine it will get colder and colder until it is unbearably frigid, and we all get hypothermia walking back to the vehicle. Jeff on the other hand is a competitive swimmer holding records for the state of WV, and whatnot decided to swim across the river, back, and then all the way out again. He is not human; must investigate further.

All in all, this was a jam-packed weekend that really shows that WV is the place to be to have tons of outdoor activities in your backyard. While the scenery and environment was great, going out and doing things with your friends is better. Building camaraderie, and testing each other’s legs through little camping trips or race courses is a blast.

I hope all of you readers get a jeep full of people out this next weekend and plan something great. I’m sure you deserve it!

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