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Now that the season is well under way, we have all seen Radio Shack’s, Team Sky’s, Team Quick Step’s and Garmin Transition’s Service Course; heck you might have even seen The Service Course, but now it is time to journey into WV Cycling’s very own Service Course!

Exclusive images of wvcycling’s home base.

In a totally behind the scenes trip to wvcycling’s Service Course in Buckhannon, West Virginia, we were shown around the site’s Appalachian base.

With wvcycling focusing on group rides in five different counties, the Service Course was described by the site as “standard”, yet we still discovered plenty of equipment and history when we were given a sneak-peek to the local Service Course of wvcycling. The well-established base also displays a modest contrast to the comparatively less PRO Service Course of Team Sky, that Cycling News posted an article about earlier this month.

When we arrived on Monday, wvcycling was busy swapping a nine-speed chain for Andrew Dasilva before going on a trail ride. Carbon fiber race wheels were nonexistent but clinchers were being prepared with UST tires, ready to be fitted.

service course

With the Service Course being split into three areas over 600 sq. ft, it’s one of the biggest West Virginian Service Course in the sport, while also being home to wvcycling’s transportation and mechanic’s trucks. The huge space is dominated by residential storage space for the multitude of bikes for wvcycling’s site.

service course

“It’s very central within West Virginia” Andrew Dasilva, the service course owner told us. “It’s close to the highway, the airport and is central in very cycling friendly areas.”

“We have about five bikes here now, and four pair of wheels,” said Dasilva. “We hold them here for when the site wants to review bikes. The riders just tell us what they need. What you’re seeing now is probably worth around six thousand Dollars. At full capacity we can probably store up to ten bikes and necessary equipment.”

Each rider has his own station where up to five bikes can be stored. At present Andrew Dasilva’s station is full, with all of his bikes in storage. The pit stops aren’t just for bikes though; the riders also have their own storage area in which all their personal effects are dished out before being taken to events or sent to the riders directly.

service course

Riders are responsible for the transportation and organization of their riding garments and helmets; here Andrew Dasilva has his supply well covered:

service course

service course

Shoes, Gloves, Winter Gear, and Recovery Sandals~

service course

The storage containers in the warehouse are dominated by riding products and food. Along with typical crates of drinks and bars the team also has its own cereal, chocolate spread, recovery drinks, and snack goods to last at least three days on the road.

Service Course

WV Cycling is fortunate enough to have sponsorship from leading companies in the industry such as SRAM and Ritchey Components**. What would a service course be without spare parts?

service course ritchey wcs sram rival

service course

service course

The sponsors keep the site well stocked with spare tubes and other supplies!

service course

service course

service course ritchey wcs sram rival

These 'to go' boxes are filled with spare parts that mechanics may need when away from home base.

Of course, no Service Course would be complete without a workshop area, in which each bike is checked and serviced before it’s either shipped to a ride or stored.

service course

Note, the spots on the concrete are not grease, but water. It was rainy when I set up this photo.

After receiving le Grand Tour of wvcycling’s Service Course, we were optimistic for the proliferation of cycling, and cycling friendly cities in the Appalachian regions of America.

**Note – not actually sponsored by Ritchey or SRAM 😦

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Wait, is “Lightweightedness” even a word?

Went to the bike shop yesterday to have my rear derailleur adjusted only to find out that it is bent… Not the hanger, but the jockey/pulley arm itself is a bit off…

Time to start searching for a Black Rival rear derailleur to buy…

By the way, took photos of the feedback Alpine bike scale with my main steed on it:

(sorry for the terrible shots, I only had my Zi8 with me.


6.940 kg

I’ll have a full picture of the bike soon.

Roadie Bret Taylor rode across the U.S. with a bike-mounted camera set to snap a photo about every 5 miles.The route used was the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail. Check out the lack of traffic!

Interesting little article about bike polo players being arrested. I’d like to know more about it. There are always two sides of a story, not putting doubt or blame on either side.


Topofusion – Keep an eye out for this software. It is nifty and inexpensive. I may buy it.

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Flit Wheels stated this about their Letica wheelset:

The FLIT Letica wheelset is built from the ground up to provide a high performance lightweight pair of wheels. Great for everyday riding but engineered for fast-pace group rides/races, this wheelset outperforms wheels in its class. With its outstanding light weight at 1315g, the FLIT Letica climbs like a rocket and nimbly accelerates to win the field sprint. Not only is weight a focus for these wheels, durability is also a priority. This is addressed by a plethora of spokes, specifically 20 in the front and 28 laced 2x/2x in the rear. Spoke tension is also evened by using thicker spokes on the drive side. Like all FLIT wheels, this wheelset is proudly hand built in the U.S.A.

  • Rim: Flit Aluminum Clincher
  • Rim Depth: 22mm
  • Spoke Count: 20Front/28Rear
  • Hubs: Flit SL hubs
  • Hub Spacing: 100mm Front/130mm Rear
  • Spokes:
  • Front: Wheelsmith XL14
  • Rear: Wheelsmith XL14(non-drive side) Wheelsmith DB14(drive side)
  • Sapim CX-Ray Option available
  • Lacing: Radial Front and 2x/2x Rear
  • Nipples: Flit External Alloy Nipples
  • Weight: 1315 grams

This review are for the Flit Leticas with the Sapim CX-Ray spoke upgrade. Shimano, SRAM or Campagnolo Compatibility

MSRP – $538 (as of 5/30/2009)

Flit is a company owned by Brent Delrosario. Brent is a Michigan native, and also a racer with the Wolverine Sports Club. His business, according to an interview with Tim Finkelstein was started in order to provide light, and quality track wheels to friends, young racers and (employee) track starlet whom is only named Maia at a lower price than what is out on the market. Brent declares that

Flit Wheels are not intended as a main project, nor for him to become the next Donald Trump… (more…)

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As always, more personal nonchalant things on the weekend since they are my off-days.

Got some bike upgrades today.

Avid BB7 Disc Brakes – Front 185mm, Rear 160mm.

What was I using before? Avid BB5’s 160mm F/R.

I like how they adjust from both sides, and that the movement/actuation seems to pull more. Maybe easier modulation while still having nice power.

They seem to have a following on MTBR’s Brake Forum.

I might do a review for them in the future.

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