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Titus Cycles is having a contest where you submit a 30 second video link showing why you think you would be a good global brand ambassador. Here is my submission:

Check the criteria on the site if you want to read about what this contest was about:



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If you have any comments or photos from this weekend’s race, feel more than free to post them!


While I was out doing other important things, my favorite course in WV was being raced on. That’s right, Thad’s singletrack, AKA, Race to ‘lil Moes. Moe’s is a bar in Phillipi, WV, and I don’t know if the race ever ended there, but if you have not ridden this course, I should slap you right here and now.

Joey Riddle had this to say:

Tomorrow in Philippi there is a MTB race on what could quite possibly be the best course in WV. Thad Kelly and his merry band of trail elves have the Lil Moes course in tip top shape. Come out and join in or at least spectate and chear on all the racers.

The Lil Moes race race went fairly well for team JBS today. John Weber was third place in the Vet Exp class. Sara Chua was the 1st vet sport woman. Clara Hitchcock finished third in womens exp. JJ Ford finished 4th in mens sport. Mandi had an awesome race and finished second in womens exp. I benefited from the miss fortune of others and finished third overall and 2nd in mens exp.

Also thanks to Thad Kelley and all his trail helpers for a wonderful race coarse. My favorite coarse of the year.~Mandi

Mountaineer Extreme Productions has posted some photos:


race to lil moes 2011 phillipi mtb race thad's singletrack

race to lil moes 2011 phillipi mtb race thad's singletrack joey's bike shop dynamic physical therapy gunnar shogren mike miller tomac cannondale trek full suspension mtb roots


Keith Hower

This is a great photo! Thanks! To bad I double flatted before the climb!

Gunnar Shogren

So who else is going to join us in the Double Philippi Tour de Moe’s? Thad Kelley always gives a little extra coin to the person that does the best in the Barbour de Tour and then Race to Lil’ Moe’s. Racing is fun, racing twice is more fun and having it close to home is da Best!

John Impy Imperial

Would have joined you guys for both, but I am in Florida with no elevation gain to speak of. My next double header races will be Rowlesburg/Watters smith. Good luck to you and Betsy Schauer Shogren in Philippi.

I really wish I could have been there. It’s always a great crowd, and lots of fun at the park where the race is held. If you did not attend like me this year, I hope to see you there next year!

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Dirty MTB Route I found last year. Decided to try it on the MTB. It was rought, but refreshing, in this all-road season!

Here is the link to the route: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/52806296

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If you didn’t know about ToTC, check this out: https://wvcycling.wordpress.com/2010/05/25/tour-of-tucker-county-go/
All photos can be clicked on for larger size~

Check back for more photos, and video footage once the material is processed.

Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO!I

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tour of tucker county

Image courtesy of ABRA

The Tour of Tucker County is going to be a hit. This is possibly one of the toughest races on the East Coast. Everyone who has written about it says this ride is clearly for the grimpeurs. According to last year’s race, there is almost 6,000ft of climbing in 37 miles.

tour of tucker county

Image courtesy of PGH Racing

The pace up to the first climb is going to be fast since it is a slight downhill, but the first hill is a rough. I wouldn’t suggest trying to attack before it, unless your legs are used to doing the speaking for you; just save your energy. At about 6.75 miles in, you will reach the first climb which will last about five miles, with a few flatter rolling hills, then one mile of brutality. At mile 24 or so, there will be a fun downhill that will bring you to a valley before the final six or seven mile climb that only ends once you complete the race.

More than likely, you will suffer, but enjoy this race. ABRA is showing promise in West Virginia, and the sponsors are really helping out to make these events top-notch. If you see me at the race, say hi, grab a free bumper sticker, and let me get a photo of you! šŸ˜€

Tour of Tucker County

Image Courtesy of Celerity Cycling

ToTC Links:



Photos of 2009 ToTC: http://www.flickr.com/photos/celeritycycling/sets/72157619284330145/?page=2





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Someone gave me a link to an event in West Virginia that I thought should beĀ shared with everyone; it is calledĀ the Crying Wolf Challenge. This event is going to beĀ located in Mercer County, WVĀ and held on May 16th, 2010. (Mixer on May 15th) It is primarily hosted by Bill Cole Subaru, which some people may be like UGH CARS? Two Wheels forevarrr!, but I think it is a great promotion and really brings people from all over the state together.

iPlayoutside has this listed under the description:

Distances/Course Map

Experts 4 laps (22 miles), Sports 3 laps (17 miles), Beginners 1 lap
View the [Course Map]

The event also has its own big, crazy website with all sorts of social networking widgets and places to register for everything from the race to getting a tattoo of the race standings on your neck.

So with a quick scan of the site, I have determined that on Saturday May 15, the mixer will happen from 5-7pm; this was said about it: (more…)

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  1. Rider Diversity
  2. With multitudes of riders, each riding in a local area instead of riding outside the state based on their own interests and needs guarantees a broader range of marked and known trail areas.

  3. Increase Racing Competitions
  4. Racing culture increasing and more riders competing is the best way to make sureĀ that you have a riding partner or someone to learn from, not to mention larger group rides over long-term.

  5. Environmental Awareness
  6. Riders typically seem to be a bit more environmentally aware of their settings because they are around it more and at a slower pace. This helps sustain a more vibrant, useable area. These benefits in turn reduce automobile use and possibly sprawl, habitat loss, and air/water pollution.

  7. Resident Benefits and Pricing
  8. LBS’s require comparatively little infrastructureĀ and make more efficient use of public services relative to big box stores and franchise developments.

  9. Entrepreneurship
  10. Local business starting fuels America’s economic innovation and prosperity. With more riders, this gives more opportunities and desire to start more bike related or bike-friendly businesses.

  11. Jobs and Wages (more…)

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