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Tiffin and I were somewhere between Mudlick Road and Turkey Run Road in Buckhannon, WV. These are some rutted out abandoned country roads that are primarily used by ATV’s now. I put some 29 x 1.8’s (46mm) tires on my cross bike, and decided to see how well it did. Everything was fine, other than the frame and fork clearances for mud…

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Well, that statement doesn’t really work out well for this situation, but you know what I mean…


The state road had completed both lanes of traffic, but did not apply the rumblestrip to either side yet. Their job on this day was to do so, leaving an entire lane perfectly paved and blocked off… for us to use! 🙂

I took some footage with my kodak zi8, but have sped it up 150% to make sure it doesn’t get boring easily.

Here ‘ya go.


What do you think? Would you do this? Was it crazy or narcissistic? Have you done it before? Fun? Lemme know in the comments section!

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TV / Internet was down for about nine hours today; posting this a bit late. With this vital necessity gone, I decided to finish up Bill/Carol McGann’s second Tour de France book.

I hit the 1990’s and their prose about a rider that kind of sparked for a while piqued my interest.

Claudio Chiappucci was around the same time as LeMond, Hampsten, Indurain, etc. I think he was a captain/domestique for Indurain at the time. This guy had panache and took off without a whim sometimes. He kind of reminds me of Jens Voigt. His attitude and riding style was totally different than the conservative sniping attacks of Indurain, and maybe that is what is so interesting.

Here is some footage of him in the 1992 Tour.

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The first rider to win five Tours de France, Jacques Anquetil was a calculating madman who either tore the field apart, or determined when he needed to strike. Easily Anquetil is placed into the pantheon of riders along with Coppi, Merckx, etc. (more…)

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Wait, is “Lightweightedness” even a word?

Went to the bike shop yesterday to have my rear derailleur adjusted only to find out that it is bent… Not the hanger, but the jockey/pulley arm itself is a bit off…

Time to start searching for a Black Rival rear derailleur to buy…

By the way, took photos of the feedback Alpine bike scale with my main steed on it:

(sorry for the terrible shots, I only had my Zi8 with me.


6.940 kg

I’ll have a full picture of the bike soon.

Roadie Bret Taylor rode across the U.S. with a bike-mounted camera set to snap a photo about every 5 miles.The route used was the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail. Check out the lack of traffic!

Interesting little article about bike polo players being arrested. I’d like to know more about it. There are always two sides of a story, not putting doubt or blame on either side.


Topofusion – Keep an eye out for this software. It is nifty and inexpensive. I may buy it.

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