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So we were riding on some gas and oil roads for some quick MTB riding. A lot of these are pretty nice double track or jeep trails, so those who are used to singletrack… suck it up.

The location of the fire was roughly where the star is on this Google map. It looked as if the fire started six or seven hours before we got there. We ended up pouring our water bottles (and peeing) on some of the cinders, but a lot of the trees were still on fire at the tips of them. The ground was mostly ash and cinder also, but it looked as if someone had chopped down a tree post-fire.

No clue what started the fire, but it could have been lightning or a smoking hunter, etc… Who knows…?

After calling 911 and giving the most vague description of where we were ever, we ended up riding out to the end of the gas well road to find out where we were. Called 911 again, gave a better location, then went on riding!

Google Map Buckhannon Forrest Fire

Somewhat behind Buckhannon Toyota, and Upshur Cinema 6

Jenkins Ford 26201

Buckhannon Toyota 26201

Brushy Fork Road 26201

Buckhannon Wal-Mart

Cycling Electric Fence

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If you have any comments or photos from this weekend’s race, feel more than free to post them!


While I was out doing other important things, my favorite course in WV was being raced on. That’s right, Thad’s singletrack, AKA, Race to ‘lil Moes. Moe’s is a bar in Phillipi, WV, and I don’t know if the race ever ended there, but if you have not ridden this course, I should slap you right here and now.

Joey Riddle had this to say:

Tomorrow in Philippi there is a MTB race on what could quite possibly be the best course in WV. Thad Kelly and his merry band of trail elves have the Lil Moes course in tip top shape. Come out and join in or at least spectate and chear on all the racers.

The Lil Moes race race went fairly well for team JBS today. John Weber was third place in the Vet Exp class. Sara Chua was the 1st vet sport woman. Clara Hitchcock finished third in womens exp. JJ Ford finished 4th in mens sport. Mandi had an awesome race and finished second in womens exp. I benefited from the miss fortune of others and finished third overall and 2nd in mens exp.

Also thanks to Thad Kelley and all his trail helpers for a wonderful race coarse. My favorite coarse of the year.~Mandi

Mountaineer Extreme Productions has posted some photos:


race to lil moes 2011 phillipi mtb race thad's singletrack

race to lil moes 2011 phillipi mtb race thad's singletrack joey's bike shop dynamic physical therapy gunnar shogren mike miller tomac cannondale trek full suspension mtb roots


Keith Hower

This is a great photo! Thanks! To bad I double flatted before the climb!

Gunnar Shogren

So who else is going to join us in the Double Philippi Tour de Moe’s? Thad Kelley always gives a little extra coin to the person that does the best in the Barbour de Tour and then Race to Lil’ Moe’s. Racing is fun, racing twice is more fun and having it close to home is da Best!

John Impy Imperial

Would have joined you guys for both, but I am in Florida with no elevation gain to speak of. My next double header races will be Rowlesburg/Watters smith. Good luck to you and Betsy Schauer Shogren in Philippi.

I really wish I could have been there. It’s always a great crowd, and lots of fun at the park where the race is held. If you did not attend like me this year, I hope to see you there next year!

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Well, in this case, there were no lost lives on either account, but that doesn’t mean it will not happen. Anybody have a story of crazy dogs chasing you, your friend, or anyone else? Have you ever been bitten? What kinds of precautions do you take?

This being West Virginia, have you ever been attacked by anything else? Rabid Possum/squirrel/raccoon?

My buddy, Mike Miller, had a bear lunge out at him on the trails before… Came within a very close radius of his foot/leg, and he about shat himself.

I don’t ever really worry about dogs too much. Either I ride away from them, or I throw stuff at them. I haven’t really met any vicious dogs either…. so…. yeah…

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Dirty MTB Route I found last year. Decided to try it on the MTB. It was rought, but refreshing, in this all-road season!

Here is the link to the route: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/52806296

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I have a goal. This goal is to create some more trails in my local neighborhood at an undisclosed location. I have not purchased any IMBA books, or paid for any plans/schematics in order to have the least amount of environmental impact to the area. This trail will also have $0.00 invested into it.

Doesn’t sound too promising does it? What these contingencies have left me with is to follow deer trail, and old wagon paths in order to make the building easy as possible.

I have encountered several issues:

  • Marshy land
  • Fallen Trees
  • Time

The entrance into the new trail is connected to the old area of trail by a deer path that goes across a piece of land that is seasonally marshy. If this trail is to ever prosper, It needs to be accessable all year round. I quite some time taking some spare treated wood from the garage to make some pallet-esque platforms for people to traverse the muddy areas. The amount of time it took to make these platforms, move them into the woods, and put them into place was ridiculous. I think for twelve feet of platform, from concept to installation, took five hours. FIVE HOURS FOR TWELVE FEET. Did I tell you I need about 40-50 feet of clearance over this muddy area?

Not only is this a problem, but further along the trail, there are several fallen trees 10-14 cm in diameter that just need to be taken out-of-the-way in order to have an enjoyable path.

Solution: Corduroy Paths – Yes, I have taken a chainsaw into the woods to clear fallen trees, and I’m placing these lobs in the marsh. This method is still a ton of work, but it is a lot faster, and a lot cheaper than building platforms out of lumber. I’m sure if there were mountain bikers that saw me doing all of this, they would think I was crazy, trudging through the mud and placing logs all over the marsh.

The crazy thing is that there is no immediate reward to all of this. The amount of work needed is still immense, and difficult. It is to the point where power tools are required to be lugged into the woods, and lots of carrying debris to free up space.

It does end up with me sleeping very well at night. Yesterday, I went out into the woods at 8:00 AM, and by noon, my back hurt like a farm boy bailing hay or some kind of equivalent labor all day.

For those people who have built trails by yourself, what are your opinions and tips? How do you create paths to cross marsh? What about clearing leaves? Do you make the trail well visible? Should I weed-whack the little growth along this new trail? How long on average will a singletrack trail last before maintenance is needed? I’m learning a lot as I go, but advice never hurts.

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