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I was lucky enough to take a ton of footage from the Tour of Tucker County Race (May 29 2010).

Hopefully, I caught all of you guys in a shot somewhere~

Keep checking back, since I’m processing and uploading more videos as we speak!

Photos can be viewed here: https://wvcycling.wordpress.com/2010/05/30/tour-of-tucker-county-photos-pt-1/

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If you didn’t know about ToTC, check this out: https://wvcycling.wordpress.com/2010/05/25/tour-of-tucker-county-go/
All photos can be clicked on for larger size~

Check back for more photos, and video footage once the material is processed.

Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO! Tour of Tucker County, GO!I

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Trying out a new product today, I took out the mountain bike, and went for a very hot ride. For as many months that I wished for the snow to end, how can one person be so hypocritical and grumble about the tropical heat and humidity? Riding in the heat zaps your energy. My cadence and speed were not affected, but my energy reserves were, so to speak…

After slogging around for a while, I led myself out of the woods taking a cut off that would remove about four or five miles from the ride; unfortunately there were four miles left… Four long miles… Something was coming over me, and I knew that I didn’t want to ride, but had to get home; it was a real catch-22. My blood sugar was low; it took me a while to figure it out, but once I figured it out it all made sense. I’ve had diabetes nearly all my life, so this was not a foreign thing, but rarely does it happen mid-ride.

Cutting the ride short was not enough. I should have brought food with me, but I wasn’t expecting to be very far, or out as long as I was. Bad move on my part…  Making my way home was quite awkward, my blood sugar was so low I could not pedal correctly at all. My left leg kept wanting to turn out in the style seen when taking a wild hairpin downhill turn, and the right leg wanted to jam the pedal all the way down, then stop. I think I was swaying my body, wiggling the bike around, but I cannot honestly remember. I was delirious, but knew the consequences of not making it home would be worse than how I felt right there; and would not end well. I don’t think I would have died if I would have stopped right there and walked, or attempted to compose myself, but I didn’t want to risk it.

By the time I got home, my blood sugar registered 34mg/dl… I’m sure if I would have taken a half hour more to get home, I would be convulsing in someone’s yard in a coma…

So what was the lesson I learned from this all?

Bring a snack or cell phone, or something with you if going out for a ride… you never know what will happen…

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tour of tucker county

Image courtesy of ABRA

The Tour of Tucker County is going to be a hit. This is possibly one of the toughest races on the East Coast. Everyone who has written about it says this ride is clearly for the grimpeurs. According to last year’s race, there is almost 6,000ft of climbing in 37 miles.

tour of tucker county

Image courtesy of PGH Racing

The pace up to the first climb is going to be fast since it is a slight downhill, but the first hill is a rough. I wouldn’t suggest trying to attack before it, unless your legs are used to doing the speaking for you; just save your energy. At about 6.75 miles in, you will reach the first climb which will last about five miles, with a few flatter rolling hills, then one mile of brutality. At mile 24 or so, there will be a fun downhill that will bring you to a valley before the final six or seven mile climb that only ends once you complete the race.

More than likely, you will suffer, but enjoy this race. ABRA is showing promise in West Virginia, and the sponsors are really helping out to make these events top-notch. If you see me at the race, say hi, grab a free bumper sticker, and let me get a photo of you! 😀

Tour of Tucker County

Image Courtesy of Celerity Cycling

ToTC Links:



Photos of 2009 ToTC: http://www.flickr.com/photos/celeritycycling/sets/72157619284330145/?page=2





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Stopped in Wal-Mart in Clarksburg to pick up a gallon of radiator fluid to replentish my vehicle after taking a trip to Morgantown. The toy department was right next to the automotive section, and I decided to take a look at their bicycle accessories… I wasn’t expecting to find gold, but it is always fun to see what the varying stores have.

Once again, most bicycles had multiple building failures; improper cable clamping, brakes installed wrong, loose wheels, etc… The number one, and easiest error to find and film is a loose handlebar; take a look:

If you even think about getting a bicycle from Wal-Mart, slap yourself. If you really must get a bike from Wal-Mart, make sure the thing is not a timebomb, waiting to tragically fail on you the minute you jump a curb or ride it further than a mile or so away from your house. Wal-Mart does not care about you, your safety, or what you do with this bike once you leave their premises. Make sure you are informed if you are planning on taking a risk and buying one of their bicycle shaped objects.

Filmed at Wal-mart – 550 Emily Dr Clarksburg, WV 26301. Phone number: 304 622-1954

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I’m looking at taking on another writer. The ideal writer will have a keen interest in cycling, have a humorous, but understandable writing style, live in West Virginia, and be able to commit to a ~400 word original report on a weekly basis. There may not always be monetary compensation for this position, but there is exposure, and possible cooperative integration involving event and industry benefits (We’ll talk about this). The content of your post should be WV Cycling related, particularly about WV bike culture, bike events in the local area, and personal experiences or preferences.

There may or may not be a quiz, depending on how many applications I receive.

What I need:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Current Career / Degree You Are Working For / Whatever Takes Most of Your Time Besides Cycling
  • Interests
  • How did you get into cycling? / How long have you been cycling? / Why?
  • Brief statement (up to 300 characters) on why you want to join WV cycling

Send all applications to 

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Lance Armstrong Michelob Ultra

I can think of a thousand things I would rather have my face associated with other than beer…

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