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wvcycling.net is having it’s first contest!

Stickers and cyclists go together like JD and Turk, Laurel and Hardy, Bonnie and Clyde, or Johan and Lance. Easily said, they are a natural pair. Cyclists love stickers. They also love free stuff. This is a double plus contest since it is for free stickers. Not just ho hum 2″ x 3.5″ stickers, but Bumper Stickers! Yes! 3″ x 11″ Full scale bumper stickers. You know, the kind you plaster your laptop or dog or infant children with.

These bumper stickers are wvcycling’s first attempt at rewarding it’s readers for… well… reading!

The first 10 (ten) correct entries received in my mailbox (real mailbox, not email inbox, you technogeeks…) will be mailed a free bumper sticker from me. No shipping no handling, nothing. Free.

Ready for the quiz? Okay, here goes:

  1. Joe Parkin, the author of A Dog in a Hat primarily raced in what country in his book?
  2. Who is this man and what bike component (part, not brand name of the part) is he well-known for making?
  3. This Saddle belongs to _____________.
  4. This one may be difficult for WV non-natives. What State Park is this located in?
  5. What was this PRO Cyclist singing on the mic at the ’09 Giro, and Who is he? – Don’t stare too long or he’ll break down and cry.
  6. Name one registered trail at Holly River State Park.

There you have it. Mail your answers to the address below, and the first ten correct entries received will be rewarded with a wvcycling.net bumper sticker!

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