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Everyone in West Virginia has been rejoicing in the wonderful weather this late into the season. Tons of my friends have posted on Facebook photos or Garmin courses of their New Year rides.

I decided to show Jeff the Petit Roubaix course here in Buckhannon. This was a great ride with some interesting discoveries. As I stated last time I talked about the Petit Roubaix, there was a tunnel… maybe 100 feet deep that I did not explore. We finally went through it, on our bikes, and found out that it could be rideable… in certain conditions. Also, with the large rock walls on both sides, we both scaled one of the sides to see where the path went.

new year bke ride

This was a random mailbox we saw. First time I’ve ever seen people use a bike in a little mailbox design. Look how the N’s are backwards!

Bicycle mailbox

Lastly, a video of our little trek into the tunnel, footage of the other side, and use scaling the rock wall in cleats.

The ride overall was a success, with it being 30 minutes faster than the last time I took it on. The rain held off long enough to get home, and I’m hoping that we can either get a TON of snow, or avoid it all together.

I’m hoping the rides keep getting better this year, and that I get even more miles in!

What are your cycling related New Year Resolutions?

Check Facebook to see what others did during New Year’s Day: http://www.facebook.com/WestVirginiaCycling

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velo press joe parkin paris-roubaix

Look what came in the mail! Once again, more of my savings account goes to VeloPress in order to get my literary fix.

Come & Gone is the sequel to A Dog In A Hat, which I finished about two months ago; quite glad that I picked that one up late in order to have the next one be relased so soon! 🙂 Once again, we have the story of Joe Parkin telling us his life story of cycling in a kind of way that makes you feel like this is the normal thing to do. He tells it from not only memory, but from the heart… and it leaves you with a feeling that how he tells it is how it happened word for word. I wasn’t able to get over how nonchalantly he told some of the tales that were in A Dog In A Hat, and once again, things happen, and he tells it. I know that sounds boring, but it will actually baffle how casually some of these events seem after reading Joe’s words. These two books are great for anyone who is more than just a recreational cyclist.

Paris-Roubaix: A Journey Through Hell is a coffee table book. The best damned coffee table book you will have at that, too. It goes over the history, culture, past/present/future of the race, and everyone who has been involved with it in nearly any way. It comes in at just a hair under 200 pages, and is full of explicit photos. No….. No no no no….. not bad explicit, think of it as being able to see inside some of the rider’s souls just by turning the pages. Many of the full page photos in the book display cyclists who you will never forget because of the crusted mud, the pain in their face, or how they look dead to the world while sitting in one of the Velodrome shower stalls.

I have borrowed this book from my college library several times, and each instance, I end up spening more time examining the photos than actually reading the text. This is a deep book, but it doesn’t have to be; hence why it is #2 on my coffee table book list. (#1, right here)

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Flit Wheels stated this about their Letica wheelset:

The FLIT Letica wheelset is built from the ground up to provide a high performance lightweight pair of wheels. Great for everyday riding but engineered for fast-pace group rides/races, this wheelset outperforms wheels in its class. With its outstanding light weight at 1315g, the FLIT Letica climbs like a rocket and nimbly accelerates to win the field sprint. Not only is weight a focus for these wheels, durability is also a priority. This is addressed by a plethora of spokes, specifically 20 in the front and 28 laced 2x/2x in the rear. Spoke tension is also evened by using thicker spokes on the drive side. Like all FLIT wheels, this wheelset is proudly hand built in the U.S.A.

  • Rim: Flit Aluminum Clincher
  • Rim Depth: 22mm
  • Spoke Count: 20Front/28Rear
  • Hubs: Flit SL hubs
  • Hub Spacing: 100mm Front/130mm Rear
  • Spokes:
  • Front: Wheelsmith XL14
  • Rear: Wheelsmith XL14(non-drive side) Wheelsmith DB14(drive side)
  • Sapim CX-Ray Option available
  • Lacing: Radial Front and 2x/2x Rear
  • Nipples: Flit External Alloy Nipples
  • Weight: 1315 grams

This review are for the Flit Leticas with the Sapim CX-Ray spoke upgrade. Shimano, SRAM or Campagnolo Compatibility

MSRP – $538 (as of 5/30/2009)

Flit is a company owned by Brent Delrosario. Brent is a Michigan native, and also a racer with the Wolverine Sports Club. His business, according to an interview with Tim Finkelstein was started in order to provide light, and quality track wheels to friends, young racers and (employee) track starlet whom is only named Maia at a lower price than what is out on the market. Brent declares that

Flit Wheels are not intended as a main project, nor for him to become the next Donald Trump… (more…)

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