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bikes are more fun than running

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So we were riding on some gas and oil roads for some quick MTB riding. A lot of these are pretty nice double track or jeep trails, so those who are used to singletrack… suck it up.

The location of the fire was roughly where the star is on this Google map. It looked as if the fire started six or seven hours before we got there. We ended up pouring our water bottles (and peeing) on some of the cinders, but a lot of the trees were still on fire at the tips of them. The ground was mostly ash and cinder also, but it looked as if someone had chopped down a tree post-fire.

No clue what started the fire, but it could have been lightning or a smoking hunter, etc… Who knows…?

After calling 911 and giving the most vague description of where we were ever, we ended up riding out to the end of the gas well road to find out where we were. Called 911 again, gave a better location, then went on riding!

Google Map Buckhannon Forrest Fire

Somewhat behind Buckhannon Toyota, and Upshur Cinema 6

Jenkins Ford 26201

Buckhannon Toyota 26201

Brushy Fork Road 26201

Buckhannon Wal-Mart

Cycling Electric Fence

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My Buddy Dave Burns had this to say about the subject of birthday rides:

Isn’t it mandatory to go for a ride on your birthday? Something like a mile for every year?

Well, I took his advice!

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All in all, 28 miles, eventhough it’s my 26th. Good times. Do you guys go on Birthday Rides?
P.S. It’s November and still warm enough for road bikes!


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