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Cyclocross is a zany bunch, and East Coast vs West Coast vs Euro have many different views on things…

Tell me what you think:

what I actually do cyclocross

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Titus Cycles is having a contest where you submit a 30 second video link showing why you think you would be a good global brand ambassador. Here is my submission:

Check the criteria on the site if you want to read about what this contest was about:



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Looks like my wrapped innertube chainslap device on my cross bike has bit the dust. Anyone know of any good pre-made devices that work well for steel bikes with svelte tubes (as compared to mtb/carbon chainstays)?

Bike Frame Protection, tape, Non Adhesive, helicopter, copter, chain, slap, mountain, kraken, tapegeek, convertape, crafts, mtb, biking

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Dirty MTB Route I found last year. Decided to try it on the MTB. It was rought, but refreshing, in this all-road season!

Here is the link to the route: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/52806296

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