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Well, in this case, there were no lost lives on either account, but that doesn’t mean it will not happen. Anybody have a story of crazy dogs chasing you, your friend, or anyone else? Have you ever been bitten? What kinds of precautions do you take?

This being West Virginia, have you ever been attacked by anything else? Rabid Possum/squirrel/raccoon?

My buddy, Mike Miller, had a bear lunge out at him on the trails before… Came within a very close radius of his foot/leg, and he about shat himself.

I don’t ever really worry about dogs too much. Either I ride away from them, or I throw stuff at them. I haven’t really met any vicious dogs either…. so…. yeah…

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Told ‘ya I felt bad for not posting as often. here is a photo of our local B-Group ride, and a bit of footage to satiate your appetite for media.

Fat Tiree Cycle, WV, USA, West Virginia, Buckhannon, Upshur County, 26201, road bike, cycling, wvcycling, wvcycling.net

So many bikes in one location 😮

This footage is pretty typical (except for the Lady Gaga; I don’t know what was up with that…) for our beginner/B-group rides on Monday afternoons. The pace is pretty leisurely while riding by the river, but can vary depending all on who is there, how everyone is feeling, or if we feel like pacelining. These are your typical, but not boring no-drop rides.

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The director of the Court Appointed Special Advocates of West Virginia’s 5th Judicial Circuit has announced their 3rd annual CASA Bike Classic Ride. This ride is on May 22nd, 2010 in Ripley West Virginia; taking riders on a 20/40/60 mile ride around Jackson County.

The entry is $30 and “will generate funds needed to recruit and train volunteers, and support their efforts on behalf of abused and neglected children. It is not the ride that may change your life, but the life you may change by riding. (Active.com)

If you are a bike rider, please register or encourage someone you know!  Volunteers are needed to help with registration, rest stops, and on the hospitality committee.  If you are interested in helping please call me!!  I hope everyone will come that morning and cheer on our participants. The routes consist of rolling, hilly to flat, paved roads through scenic Jackson County,WV. If you have any questions or would like to sponsor an upcoming event  contact us at 304-373-1165 (CASA)

casa classic jackson county ripley wv bike ride tour


Ripley Elementary School
404 Second Ave.
Ripley, West Virginia 25271

Jackson county casa classic ripley bike ride tour


May. 22, 2010 (Saturday) 8:00 AM

I have not done this bike ride/tour before, but I am tempted to go… 80 miles away from Buckhannon, I’d love to catch a ride, or drive someone else and split the gas money~ There is not a bike shop in Ripley, WV, or anywhere close… I think the closest is like 30+ miles away… Make sure you bring everything you need.

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