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Last time I went to NYC and walked around in Manhattan it really felt as if I was in a different world or something. I didn’t feel comfortable asking someone I was walking right next to where something was located or to even strike a conversation with them. People are in a world of their own and couldn’t give a damn about you (overall). Philly is just the same, but a little bit more open and receptive to communication. Got to admit, I love Philadelphia though… Jersey… last time I was there, people were CRAZY. They probably still are crazy now. Almost everything spoken ends in either the person gawking like a wild hen, or laughing similar to a hyena. Floridians tend to be quiet unless you approach them, but then the kindness shines through. In Virginia, at least in the Hampton/Metro area where I lived, people are starting to pick up the “I don’t need to involve myself in anything” way of life. I think crime has to do a little bit with people and the way they behave in public.


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