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This picture is is very important. In three months, this exact location will be a crime scene. My motivation for cycling will be murdered here, and lie dead until Spring.

Any cyclists know this punishment. It is no more difficult than the steepest hills, but hurts so much more just because the action is happening indoors. There is nothing as bad as the trainer. If your friend says he enjoys riding his trainer, he is a liar.

I can only think of three things worse than the trainer:

  • Jogging
  • Stationary exercise bikes
  • Exercising on anything made by Tony Little


What about you guys? When are you going to start your routine of masochism? I wish you the best of luck, while we envy those in Florida or Anaheim together…

Don’t forget to check this out: http://www.thesufferfest.com/bike-torture-chamber/

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What is it that has you on the trainer before/after work? Vanity? Health? Pride? Weight? Youth? Competitive Spirit? Giving in or avoiding other addictions?

I’m not a betting man… but I’ll put money that you want to be fit enough to earn a nickname from your friends this summer, and I don’t mean things like: Gramps, Fatty, (not you! 😛), Bricks McGee either. (more…)

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