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morgantown cyclocross abra

Oct 30th and 31st are going to have some crazy, fun, and great races going on.

Oct 30

Marilla Cyclocross – APCXS # 4

Marilla Park, Morgantown, West Virginia

Information / Register On-line

Oct 31

WVU Cycling Cyclocross – APCXS # 5

White Park, Morgantown, West Virginia

More Information /Register On-line

These events are going to be a lot of fun, and have some pretty decent numbers attending. Both races suggest dressing up in your best Halloween costume!

Photos from last year:

morgantown cyclocross tandem

Cross Tandem! 😮

morgantown cyclocross gunnar betsy shogren

Local Yokels being dirty

cyclocross morgantown beer wench

Beer Wench?

cyclocross morgantown yee haw

Yee Haw!

morgantown cyclocross mud

Did someone say mud?

Photos courtesy of: Nature’s Essence Photography

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With this blog, one of my big goals is to grab and pick little sections of West Virginia’s cycling scenes and locations, and be able to convey them to others who may not live in this state, or may not get to travel to areas that posts are created.

This time, I have interviewed the Cycling Team President of West Virginia University. WVU has around 29,000 students and the main campus is located in Morgantown WV. if you’ve been in WV at all, or follow any sport – you know that WVU is a big deal.

I wasn’t able to make it up to motown this week to interview Ryan, but I was able to speak to him on the phone, and email him some questions. Lets get started!

Ryan started competitively cycling in 2005, starting with MTB. He is a USAC Official, and often promotes races, and still has time to race himself. I remember first meeting Ryan in Phillipi in 2008, during a criterium where he was logging times and data. I volunteered to use my car to block off an entrance/exit point in the crit loop.  He became President of the WVU Cycling Team/Club in 2007, and became President of the WVU Sports Club Federation in 2008. Funny enough, in 2005-6, he logged over 300 miles on a unicycle! Talk about dedication!

20Q With Ryan Post

1.       What was it like racing with the WVU Team in the 2009 season? (more…)

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