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What is it that has you on the trainer before/after work? Vanity? Health? Pride? Weight? Youth? Competitive Spirit? Giving in or avoiding other addictions?

I’m not a betting man… but I’ll put money that you want to be fit enough to earn a nickname from your friends this summer, and I don’t mean things like: Gramps, Fatty, (not you! 😛), Bricks McGee either. (more…)

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Wait, is “Lightweightedness” even a word?

Went to the bike shop yesterday to have my rear derailleur adjusted only to find out that it is bent… Not the hanger, but the jockey/pulley arm itself is a bit off…

Time to start searching for a Black Rival rear derailleur to buy…

By the way, took photos of the feedback Alpine bike scale with my main steed on it:

(sorry for the terrible shots, I only had my Zi8 with me.


6.940 kg

I’ll have a full picture of the bike soon.

Roadie Bret Taylor rode across the U.S. with a bike-mounted camera set to snap a photo about every 5 miles.The route used was the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail. Check out the lack of traffic!

Interesting little article about bike polo players being arrested. I’d like to know more about it. There are always two sides of a story, not putting doubt or blame on either side.


Topofusion – Keep an eye out for this software. It is nifty and inexpensive. I may buy it.

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