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It has been an interesting week here at wvcycling.net

In review, we have posted about:

Monday – Snow Chains / Tire Chains For Your Bicycle!

Tuesday – How to Go Bike Camping!

Wednesday – Driving To a Ride Location: What Do You Bring?

Thursday – Falling… for a fellow rider

Friday – Contest: Freebies for Grabs

Saturday – Saturday Post: Got a Got a Got a Got a Garmin

with 596 views on Monday (highest) and well, a lot less on Saturday’s post. I’m just hoping everyone was out doing something or on the trainer that day…

Random, but really… Can you believe it is 2010 already? Just a little bit ago, I was in the woods with friends:

Stonecoal Wildlife Reserve Ride #1

Stonecoal Wildlife Reserve Ride #2

Location? Here:View Larger Map

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