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Everyone knows him. He is in every group ride. He is like an omnipresent veering fool on wheels. Yes, we’re talking about The Squirrel.

Characteristics of The Squirrel are as listed:

  • Has been an avid cyclist for a whole five or six months
  • Loves to talk or chat during a ride
  • Never looks back before taking any kind of action
  • Suddenly decelerates without warning
  • Crosses the yellow line on the flats

These are just a few of the many traits that make our majestic friend so enjoyable to ride with. If he’s not trying to talk it up about meaningless things like the weather or how the Colts are going to do at the Super Bowl, then he is talking about his wife or children. Some have come to believe that cycling is not enough for The Squirrel in terms of venting life’s problems. You are his auxiliary escape mechanism. The only downside is that he is nearly taking down six or seven riders in the process.

The Squirrel's typical steering course

The worst thing about The Squirrel is that there is there are no real distinguishing or explicit visual features about him that will give him away. The Squirrel may end up looking like this:


or even just every day cyclocross friends on the road with you: (more…)

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