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WVWC college cyclists and I went out and did a bit of trail maintenance the other day. We ended up doing a quirky three-mile loop that runs into other close by trail systems, but this one had been discarded for nearly a year. Our primary job was to:

  1. Move branches, logs, BIG rocks, and other obstructions out of the way.
  2. Cut away thorns or other kinds of pokey plants that could scrape oneself while riding.
  3. Place ribbons/trail markers along the route.

Everything went according to plan, and I tended to take fallen logs, or ones that were on the trail, and lined them alongside the trail to make a natural path designator. Others thought this was unimportant, but it is always something I appreciate while riding on a trail; personal preference, I guess. I wonder what IMBA says about things like this?…

After crossing a small stream, we ran into a major briar patch where there were purple briars! I have used my elite boolean search skills to find info on the plant, but I do not have enough basic info to come across it on any databases.

The plant was your typical prickly briar you come across all too often while doing trail maintenance or overall riding, with the exception that it was purple, with a removable white film on the outside:

purple briar, trail maintenance

Click for larger image

I’m sure someone knows the taxonomic name for this plant and is happy to tell me~

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I have found out in the little bit of time I have lived in West Virginia so far that residents of this area are very protective of their land. I understand this fully since you cannot grow land for lack of better terms. Hunting is also a big part of West Virginia Culture. For two months out of the year, you have camoflague clad hunters out in the cold waiting with an itchy finger to shoot some kind of live animal. If you’ve ever stepped into West Virginia at all, I am more than sure you have seen a No Trespassing sign posted somewhere.

I full and well know the potential reprecussions of crossing boundaries posted as such, but typically they do not concern me. Curtis Seltzer stated this, and it rung pretty loud with me: (more…)

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