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On my continuing quest of visiting every bike shop in West Virginia, I stopped in Elkins to see what Joey’s Bike Shop was all about.

After Arriving, Joey and I got to talking, and the interview enlightened me with this information:

Joey’s Bike Shop was started three years ago, and Joey and his wife are the sole proprietors and employees. Why’d he start the shop? (more…)

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After living in West Virginia for five years after residing in Virginia Beach and other larger metro areas, I have slowly started appreciating what is all around me this whole time.

For a cyclist, West Virginia is paradise. This state is not completely full of toothless hicks that bootleg alcohol like a certain ham shammy commercials would like you to believe. There are genuine people who really appreciate this beautiful, engaging land and make sure it’s majesty is preserved for future generations.

The abundance of state and national parks make it an easy ride to get to one, even just on bicycle. I don’t think BikeSnobNYC would be as grumpy, grizzled, or sarcastic if he didn’t have to encounter so many hipsters and was able to freely ride around all over the place.

The West Virginia Department of Highways claims to be in charge of 34,000 miles of road in this state. With an operating budget of $400,000,000 (Four-Hundred Million Dollars) in 2009, this means they spend an average of $2.22 per foot-length of road in the state. That is a fair amount, I think.

Look at that smooth blacktop ❤

While cycling data and reviews of the road quality were not as empirically defined as I like, Motorcycleroads.com had a very clear and well defined system for reviewing their road-trip areas. Take a look at their site, and you can see (I averaged all of the reviews together) that they review West Virginia’s road systems by three points of interest. (more…)

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