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tour of tucker county

Image courtesy of ABRA

The Tour of Tucker County is going to be a hit. This is possibly one of the toughest races on the East Coast. Everyone who has written about it says this ride is clearly for the grimpeurs. According to last year’s race, there is almost 6,000ft of climbing in 37 miles.

tour of tucker county

Image courtesy of PGH Racing

The pace up to the first climb is going to be fast since it is a slight downhill, but the first hill is a rough. I wouldn’t suggest trying to attack before it, unless your legs are used to doing the speaking for you; just save your energy. At about 6.75 miles in, you will reach the first climb which will last about five miles, with a few flatter rolling hills, then one mile of brutality. At mile 24 or so, there will be a fun downhill that will bring you to a valley before the final six or seven mile climb that only ends once you complete the race.

More than likely, you will suffer, but enjoy this race. ABRA is showing promise in West Virginia, and the sponsors are really helping out to make these events top-notch. If you see me at the race, say hi, grab a free bumper sticker, and let me get a photo of you! 😀

Tour of Tucker County

Image Courtesy of Celerity Cycling

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