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I received an Optimus Crux Stove (from now on called stove or crux) from Optimus of Sweden a little while ago, but finally had the time to properly review this product. Once the stove was in my hands, I decided to buy the matching accessory cookware set; the Optimus Terra Solo Cookware, and also a few tanks of fuel from a local sports supply store. Before I was even able to use the stove, I was in awe by its size and weight (or lack thereof). (more…)

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I come home from work the other day, only to find out that I received a package in the mail. Oh? I was curious as to what it was since I have not ordered anything for a while… Opened up the package, and there were two products I forgot I was getting from Selcof.

Selcof was founded at the end of WWII and until 1985 the main activity was the manufacturing of metallic parts for the saddles of motorcycle, touring and racing bikes. In the meantime other additional activities developed contributed to the growth of the company.Today the complete range of seat posts consist of 30 models, many of which are available in 34 different diameters.SELCOF is especially attentive to quality thanks to constant inspections of the manufactured pieces and to the homologation of all the products according to the norms UNI,ISO and AFNOR.
Many Professional racing teams assist with product testing of Selcof products. Thanks to the most up-to date computerized technology, each new design is virtually tested to fix the structural limits and to verify security, lightness and quality specifications. All products are tested by independent laboratories that certify physical and structural characteristics. All this work allows Selcof to offer products to all cyclists from professional champions to leisure enthusiasts.

I have heard that Selcof manufacturing has recently been reassigned like all other proud companies to the far east. Not sure about this, but I would not think of them any less if so.

To review these,  I replaced my Bontrager 70mm 2-Bolt post (165g),  and the 600mm wide Bontrager Big Sweep 15* bar (270g). (more…)

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