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Who all went out to Granny Gear’s Big Bear 2×12 24hr event? I hear it was a blast. I think JJ was there too, check his site to see if he covers anything.

*Note, this footage was from 2005, but it is the same course, I believe:

Solo Goat’s blog also will have some coverage in the next few days:  http://sologoat.blogspot.com/

Photos from Joey’s Bike Shop:

WV big bear lake 2x12 joey's bike shop

Facebook video of Gunnar and others: http://www.facebook.com/v/116485838439267

Early Results Link: http://www.iplayoutside.com/Events/2011/06/13257r.html

If you have any other footage or photos, post them or the links in the comment section!

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I purchased a cold cathode kit and two latern batteries and wired it up to my steel bicycle. This light is ostentatious and really gets car’s attention. The whole setup took one hour, and $35 after shipping of the computer cathode kit.

Cathode Tube Off:

Cathode Tube On: (more…)

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