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This spin/training video series by David McQuillen by the name of Sufferfest was brought to my attention this week; with the way my lack of motivation for winter riding has been, I jumped on this like a lion jumps on a gazelle.

Apparently Dave was just a guy who was dissatisfied with current cycling videos, and wanted to put tunes and attitude into his workout while sharing his work. I never saw it, nor do I use itunes, but I hear his older prototype videos were on there for free. They consisted of youtube footage mixed with his favorite play lists. These newer videos by the names Downward Spiral and Fight Club are a little bit more refined. They have licensed footage from Paris-Roubaix, Fleche Wallone, local crits, and for the cool down, he uses a five minute clip of some indie-fixie film-show flick (which only enraged me to work harder instead of cool down…).

The videos meant for consumers have little title cards inserted into the footage telling you what to do when. With Downward Spiral, the Sufferfest really becomes self explanatory; the mountain bike footage gets you into the mood in the beginning of the video, and the classics PRO races really makes you want to be there riding. My only quip was with the Australian Criterium footage, since well… it seemed very repetitive (it was a criterium, I know… but still…) There is also this weird little horse or cow noise to indicate when the effort demands are going to change. This is helpful, but at the same time kind of silly.

Most annoying noise:


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