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Water Bottles, bidons, or whatever else they are called, are the understated hero of the cycling world. From the old aluminum and cork stopper bottles in the pre-plastic days; all the way to now, where there are companies who solely make water bottles… they help us put down water on the go.

There are many opinions about how large, what kind of, or how many water bottles should be carried on a ride. If you have ever read the OREC, you would know that 750ml bottles are prohibited; as is the word bottle itself. Polar or Camelback insulated bottles still have not had a verdict placed on how euro or non-euro they are…

What about in your stable? What water bottles do you normally carry? Do you follow OREC’s rules, or do you provide yourself with two 750ml bottles to last that 80km ride? Hydration is a key part of being able to ride day after day, without the pangs and stiffness in your muscles due to its role in transporting vitamins, minerals, amino acids, glucose, hormones, enzymes and other substances throughout your body which assists in chemical reactions such as the burning of glucose and the breakdown of fat for energy.

As you can see, these little guys are pretty important, and limiting the amount of water consumed just ot be euro is not cool.

Having little images and logos on your bottle is pretty cool too. Do you plan or buy your bottles from a specific place due to their color and design, or are you happy to have just something to drink out of?


Just remember, regardless of what is storing your liquids; stay hydrated before, during and after a ride!

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What is it that has you on the trainer before/after work? Vanity? Health? Pride? Weight? Youth? Competitive Spirit? Giving in or avoiding other addictions?

I’m not a betting man… but I’ll put money that you want to be fit enough to earn a nickname from your friends this summer, and I don’t mean things like: Gramps, Fatty, (not you! 😛), Bricks McGee either. (more…)

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