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West Virginia, lets face it, has a lot of poverty. Many escape this barrier by means of the military or working a dangerous job (oil rigs/mining).

This always make me wonder why I do not see more citizens around here with the aspirations of inner-city kids, or third world country residents of hitting it big with sports. Our turn of the century love of baseball ushered in an entire industry that people longed to be a part of, and many still do.

This rings true in America most with stories of opportunity from such like Ty Cobb:

Our community in Banks County, Ga., where I was born December 18, 1886, was a struggling place. Corn and cotton were subsistence crops for most, and the damage of the Civil War was far from repaired. My own family’s lot was happier. We had status and somehow the idea of staring at the rump of a balky mule while I steered a plow didn’t strike me as fitting work… Playing ball there was a chance to become more than another schoolboy and the son of Professor Cobb.

Rarely ever do you hear about stories like these anymore. The escape from poverty by working your hardest to get into a sport is long gone. I’m not sure if it is complacency, or people no longer willing to run the risk. The Guardian.co.uk ran a great story about tennis, and how difficult it is to find a lass who is competent and beautiful enough to catch the eyes and ears of the sports world to make worth her income: (more…)

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