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The old saying that goes something like “You get what you pay for” no longer holds bearing in today’s world. Some so-called deals are legit, while others are clearly false. With the globe so interconnected and thousands of companies outsourcing the manufacturing of their products, some highly priced goods are no different from the bargains with many having been made in the same factory. How many times have you seen two items identical to each other in different instances being sold by two or more different companies? We all have. The bike industry (or any other industry) is full of product re-labeling.

This is not always a bad thing. Having products being available by discount stores that are the same products being made by a prestigious company benefit the penny pinchers as long as those products do not go to shit after a week or two. But what do you do if any manufacturer is not making a product you need? Do you give up and divert your attention elsewhere, or do you keep on trying with what resources you have?

If the product doesn’t do exactly what you want, then you have to live with it – even make excuses to yourself in extreme cases.. or go for another option… DIY. (more…)

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