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That is right. Cycling is a dreamworld. The sportive cyclists, the racers, the club riders, or even the tight-jean hipsters skidding all over for the hell of it are in a fantasy world. Even I am in a fantasy world. Being able to spend ten hours or more of your week on a bicycle worth more than many people’s cars is a world apart from everything else.

There is a broad difference between what we would consider a typical cyclist and the typical bike owner. From an outside realization, most people see bicycles as toys or things meant to rust out in the back yard. You can thank that all bicycles have been sold in the toy section of department and big-box stores for as long as I can remember. Bicycles have been relegated as something to look down upon. (This could spark a whole week worth of posts)

I decided to take a ride around town and see if I could find any examples of any serious or utilitarian bikes or cyclists; here is what I found.

Buckhannon is a college town. There would of course be bicycles. The ones here were all low budget department store bicycles left out in the elements all semester which make me wonder why they were brought to campus in the first place. There were no outstanding specimens or anything I could say anything special about in concerns of the usefulness of the bike. (more…)

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