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Long story short, I was dissatisfied with just about every camera mount system available or on instructables or other DIY sites. I have tried helmet cam mounts. I have tried stem mounts. I have tried MANY handlebar mounts. Most were junk! I even went to Lowe’s three or four times for ideas. (Someone once told me: “Try finding answers outside of the comfort of your expertise.”) My first nontraditional mount involved worm gear clamps from the plumbing isle and a L-shaped corner brace mounted on the bottom side of my fork. It was nice, but with the mild vibrations and movement between the clamps, the brace bowing and wiggling, and the camera itself wiggling made it a mess. 😦 It was not a complete waste of time though. I really learned a lot about the angles at which the camera would film the best footage and a couple of other vital things necessary to make a camera mount.

What I found out is that it is necessary for the bike or your body to take the brunt of any force in order to dampen camera shake. This automatically meant some parts of the frame, and the bottom part of the fork were now out of the question. At this point, everyone is like LOL WHY DON’T YOU MOUNT IT TO YOUR HELMETS?????? (more…)

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