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I think the thing I love the MOST about cycling is the one swept under the rug; what cyclists were before they were cyclists and why they started riding. Greg Lemond said something among the lines of that cycling was an escape from his everyday life. Many cyclists have said this. In Europe, cycling in the beginning was a way for a miner to get x-amount of months of wages riding a bike. I hear that many Russians are gaining interest into cycling to escape their dismal lives. Cyclists are a little bit like rock stars. They want to make so much more of theirselves. Maybe this was something Marco Pantani was aiming for.

I really long to get a real in-depth investigation on what kinds of lives that pro/amateur racers and just sportive cyclists have and had. I know I use cycling as my coping mechanism in life for stress or situational anxiety, but what about others? This is a question that pulls deep in me whenever I see pedals spinning.

Marco Pantani – What was he trying to find or escape with cycling that he eventually replaced with drugs/cocaine?

Marco Pantani

Cycling does increase endorphines, dopamine output, and other neurotransmitters/hormones. Depression, I think is more common in the peloton than what we know. Of course we heard Tyler Hamilton’s story, but I’m sure there are more instances. Many more; maybe even Pantani.

I wish I was Omniscient enough to have the answers to all of these things; If I did, maybe I would be a more complete person, myself.

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TV / Internet was down for about nine hours today; posting this a bit late. With this vital necessity gone, I decided to finish up Bill/Carol McGann’s second Tour de France book.

I hit the 1990’s and their prose about a rider that kind of sparked for a while piqued my interest.

Claudio Chiappucci was around the same time as LeMond, Hampsten, Indurain, etc. I think he was a captain/domestique for Indurain at the time. This guy had panache and took off without a whim sometimes. He kind of reminds me of Jens Voigt. His attitude and riding style was totally different than the conservative sniping attacks of Indurain, and maybe that is what is so interesting.

Here is some footage of him in the 1992 Tour.

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Today’s post is an interview with a LBS in Buckhannon, WV: Fat Tire Cycle with owner Gene Wells.

Gene Wells is well… a swell guy (see what I did there?) He is active in many aspects of his community as a business person should, but you can also tell he cares about everything he does. He can also kick most of the people in town’s butt in speed and distance on a bike, yet he chooses not to. (sometimes!)

(I’ll let you know before this interview gets through that he is my main mechanic, I was sponsored by him during my tenure as President of the Cycling Club/Team at West Virginia Wesleyan College with the standard collegiate store discount. I have also purchased a pretty sweet rig from him, my ’09 Gary Fisher Cobia. All in all, we have a pretty good relationship by means of business and also friendship.)

With that out-of-the-way, let’s get to the Q&A!

1.) First of all, tell us about your history, how did you get into cycling?

Well, I got into cycling in 1972. I was doing a lot of cross-country racing, and touring in the area around Pleasantville, Pennsylvania. I remember getting my first road bike in that town in 1973. (more…)

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