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The velomihottie’s brother came back from a Germany/Austria after a year of studying abroad. I guess he is back in the spirit of being American, because they took this photo.

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This is how we roll in WV! Note, the legit revolver, not a plastic toy~

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Internet was out again, and it was 18*F outside, so I decided to take a road trip up to Dick’s Sporting Goods to see if they had any 100-gram butane tanks for my camping stove. Once there, I was stunned at the lack of variety for the things they carried. I tend to blame these kinds of issues on those little store inventory guns you see at Walmart, grocery stores, and other large stores. The automatic inventory and data of what is selling and what is not allows the store to “streamline” their products and only stock what seems to be selling. This usually screws the most people over by removing all variety from their selection.

This is reason #1 why I have blacklisted Dick’s Sporting Goods from my shopping list.

Out of curiosity, I ended up meandering through their bicycle section (I refuse to call it a cycling section). Surprisingly enough, they sell two or three brands of cycling clothes in a very limited supply. I guess it wouldn’t be bad if you were in dire need…

Their bicycle handling and selection was as much of a joke as Walmart’s though. Mostly children’s bikes, cruisers and overweight mountain bikes kept their selection too depressing to really delve into. Here are some photos: (more…)

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