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Okay guys, here is a boatload of footage (Almost the whole thing) of Thad’s Singletrack (Race to Lil Moe’s); I apologize for not filming in a resolution higher than 480p, but that alone was 3gb!

The other two riders you see in the video are Amanda-Lynn Warner; a WVWC senior, and Barry Phillips, a local resident and fantastic rider/retro-dude.

Living 20 miles away obviously makes this ride an occasional stop, just due to the time it takes in transfer, and the gasoline associated with this round trip. Believe me though…. It’s absolutely worth going to two days in a row! Well, enough about the nonsensical stuff, and let me let you get to the footage:


Wow, eleven videos, 60 minutes of footage; did anyone watch them all? What’d ‘ya think? Comment below!

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Well, that's Philippi for 'ya...

Went on a ride in Phillipi today, and it struck me as such a fun ride that I am going back tomorrow. Not too many trails do this to me, so I thought it would be worth noting that Thad’s Singletrack in Philippi WV = top notch.

As JR Petsko says:

Six mile loop with single and double track leading you out along the beautiful Tygart River, this will warm you up for the first climb. You will then dump onto single track for a piece and then onto more double track and into the second climb which is mostly single track with two switchbacks at the top you will then start down some seriously fun double track leading to yet more technical signal track. In this section there are some rock gardens and trees to cross and finally a mad dash to the start/finish area.

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Someone gave me a link to an event in West Virginia that I thought should be shared with everyone; it is called the Crying Wolf Challenge. This event is going to be located in Mercer County, WV and held on May 16th, 2010. (Mixer on May 15th) It is primarily hosted by Bill Cole Subaru, which some people may be like UGH CARS? Two Wheels forevarrr!, but I think it is a great promotion and really brings people from all over the state together.

iPlayoutside has this listed under the description:

Distances/Course Map

Experts 4 laps (22 miles), Sports 3 laps (17 miles), Beginners 1 lap
View the [Course Map]

The event also has its own big, crazy website with all sorts of social networking widgets and places to register for everything from the race to getting a tattoo of the race standings on your neck.

So with a quick scan of the site, I have determined that on Saturday May 15, the mixer will happen from 5-7pm; this was said about it: (more…)

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I have been getting a lot of hits to my site with people looking for WV Bike Polo, or West Virginia Bike Polo. I feel a storm is brewing and is going to hit this state soon. the internet is pretty broad, yet is vapid on taking the terms West Virginia and Bike Polo in any kind of mixture and combining them.

I’ve done some research and this is what I came up with:

Bike Polo

West Virginia

I have a letter out to Gil Willis, Athens Bikes, and the creator of the youtube videos attempting to get a grasp of the bike polo scene in WV.

iplayoutside.com and wvmba also speak about bike polo events, but no real info about them except they state games are planned at large cycling race event days.

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