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Summer is here, and the miles in the saddle are just rolling along.

My handlebar tape is showing a bit of wear, my average speed has gone up a bit, and I’ve even had to replace my tires already. I apologize for not having frequent updates as much, but sometimes that happens.

I hope you are out there riding and having a blast out in the Summer weather!

Post or email me some photos of your summertime fun, and I’ll share them!

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New bar tape is a sign of the new season. Winter trainer hours are cutting down, showing off your bike(s) is about to happen again. If you didn’t buy a new steed over winter, just roll a new set of bar tape on it. Clean up the bike to not only make the bike look new(er)… but the new tape will bring some added excitement to the bike and possibly even motivate you to get out there more often.

new bar tape

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