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Okay, now that academics are done for the summer, let’s get down to business. First product is a new accessory meant for the Garmin Edge series bike GPS units.

The mount is made by RaceWareDirect in the UK. A lot of people were getting finicky with how long garmin/quark were taking to create their mount, and a couple of companies have popped up to create an unofficial version.

I really liked the look of the PRO mount, so I looked around. K-Edge makes one for like $754,365, there’s a company named Barfly, and a few others on the market.

Raceware Direct is 3d printing their mounts, and it weighs less than 13 grams. If you are interested in a unique style to mount your garmin to your handlebars, Martyn at Raceware Direct is capable of making your ideas a reality.

The mount is very stable, places the garmin in a very nice place off of the handlebar and stem, and the clamp only takes about 10mm of space next to the stem.

I’ve had it for about three weeks now, and despise going back to the stem mount that was originally provided with the garmin when I ride my mountain bike. I can’t afford another one. :\

pro garmin mount quark mount k-edge garmin mount

garmin mount racewaredirect race ware direct

I also got a TT mount from Raceware Direct, and it is also of very high quality. It fits very snug and secure. This allows you to place the garmin wherever you want on your TT Bars.

TT mount garmin 500 edge pc7 quarkgarmin tt mount

I can’t exactly say this piece of equipment has made me ride faster or climb better, but it has made it easier to look at my garmin, and adjust angles and whatnot. If you want something like this, I would go with racewaredirect, because you are working with a small group of people, and they care whether or not you are enjoying your product! Will garmin ever email you and ask if you enjoy your products? I thought not.

Review Summary: 5/5 Stars.

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Even the worst rides have great opportunites for taking pics.

For exaple, today’s ride ended up taking me on trails (or lackthereof) that were so rutted out, there were creeks, craters, mud bogs, or rock gardens, luckily, the elevation of an average 8% (felt more like 20% up or down) allowed for some pretty sweet downhills after the steep hike-a-bikes.


I went exploring at our local airport, hearing there was a trail around it…. FAIL. There was nothing but tall grass that went over my handlebars.

After that, I was looking for a way out, and ended up on a deer trail that led me onto a private farm. There were a few cool things to take pics of, but this one was the best op:

Eventually, I made my way onto a familiar road, after having some hereford cows mooing at me for being in their pins (on accident). Decided to take a detour on a gas road I had not been on for a while. This linked up to a VERY STEEP power line trail. Another crappy travel, another great pic:

A view of a good portion of Buckhannon‘s downtown! Look at the powerline angles! 😮

By the time I got home, I was tired, hungry, and cut up like no one’s business. I even managed to find a tick on my arm 😦

After stopping, I could really tell I was bushwacking in deep grasses…. Take a look at my rear hub:

I really wish I would have gone on a road ride with my buddies, but every once in a while, it never hurts to try to break new ground, no?

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I received this email the Friday afternoon, with some people wanting to go for a ride on Saturday:

Subject: Ride Tomorrow!
From: bucktownbikerider@xmail.net
To: ALL Wesleyan Cycling Students, Buckhannon Locals List, Wvcycling

Hi Everybody!
There will be a road ride on Saturday. The time is set for 3:10 P.M; meet at the chapel.


On the Saturday, I arrived at the chapel at 3:05; it is only 5 minutes from my house. Not a person was there, but this is not a surprise, since not many people show up right on time to a group ride anyways (that is a whole different story in itself). Actually, there was someone else with me, but I don’t think he counts for the purpose of a bike ride:

John Wesley wasn't wearing a helmet. 😦

I spent a good bit of time kittling up, embrocating, making sure my bike was ready to go, and even got there early to make sure I wasn’t the last one there. It was disappointing to see that no one else was showing up. Here I was, one cyclist looking like a space man while off the bike; sitting on the chapel steps alone.

Some more time had passed and I was becoming a bit antsy. I was ready to ride, and wanted to go. My rule is to wait ten minutes if I was not the one initiating the ride before rolling off and starting my own ride.

The time had passed and not even another bike was strolling around campus at all; the weather was fine, the wind wasn’t bad, and it isn’t like it is some kind of crazy weekend for residents or students. I really had no clue what was going on, but all fifty-some people who had received the email had jumped ship on this ride, even the captain; the one who sent out the initiating email.

What does one do in a time like this when no one shows; not even the event planner?


I just decided to make this ride even tougher than what I was expecting beforehand, and go out on the highway to roads I have not explored before. I was able to rake in some really good miles, and learn more about my local roads, and possibly found a few new camping spots.

I turned an awkward day into a beneficial day. Lemons into Lemonade, as some would say. I would also like to think that going on such a nice ride while no one else showing up gives me the leverage needed to bust their chops next time I see them. Oh, life is grand~

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Do you have a local hill/mountain/flat section of pavè that is a favorite place to test your current fitness or handling skills? I always imagine the time before power meters and real science being put into application to measure a cyclist’s fitness that one would use a benchmark ride and perceived effort as a quasi-empirical way to determine skills and fitness.

In theory this is a very sound way to determine your fitness level throughout the year (disregarding things difficult to measure): (more…)

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