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Went of a long ride today which took me to a part of the next town that has not yet thawed out. Going a bit further, I passed by the largest body of water I have ever seen that was frozen over. I had to take photos, unfortunately the roads turned to pure packed snow/ice mixture. It was a mess.

A mess it was.

Frozen Lake Footage:

I rushed up back from the shoreline when I heard a vehicle approaching from afar, making sure that my carbon fibre wonder was going to be okay and in my sight. (That’s right, I treat it like a child.) When the vehicle arrived, I was still messing around with my camera, trying to place it in my waterproof bag, and put it in my rear zip pocket. The big, roaring junky old Bronco stopped in front of me and a little old lady started talking. She went on about of I went out toward her way, there were some loose dogs. I asked her if she lived in the area I was headed to, she said no, wished me good luck and went on her way.

I thought to myself, Well, wasn’t that awkwardly nice of her warning me of some loose dogs? I personally wouldn’t have thought about warning a cyclist about that. Not that I’m a jackass or anything, but it just wouldn’t have came across my mind. I was glad she was willing to stop and take the time to do so; it really made the ride worth a little bit more that day.

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