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What is it that has you on the trainer before/after work? Vanity? Health? Pride? Weight? Youth? Competitive Spirit? Giving in or avoiding other addictions?

I’m not a betting man… but I’ll put money that you want to be fit enough to earn a nickname from your friends this summer, and I don’t mean things like: Gramps, Fatty, (not you! 😛), Bricks McGee either. (more…)

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Everyone who participates in a co-ed group activity has encountered it. It may have happened to yourself! It may even be happening right now and you don’t even know it! It happens all the time, all around us. Falling for someone you spend a lot of time with is part of nature.

Hell, it even happened to Fatty, but most wouldn’t say that they were head over heels for one of their club members. Many will admit to a crush or so but nothing that goes anywhere.

So hard to find a pic of Liz Hatch with her jerzey zipped up 😮

Exercise/recreation induced relationships could be a fantastic case study due to so many variables for a thing like that so many people experience. The whole idea of “stay with the rider or still be the racerboy you are” or: “Uhhh – what can we do together outside of the sports activity that brought us together???

I think it is so prevalent in cycling because:

Cycling is easily a co-ed sport.

Cycling is naturally competitive.

Cycling usually involves people who don’t look like Rosie O’Donnell, or Louie Anderson

So by all means, with men and women cycling and possibly showing off/competing and looking more attractive than your average American, you can see how at least some check marks on the attraction list could be filled in. (more…)

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