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Someone gave me a link to an event in West Virginia that I thought should be shared with everyone; it is called the Crying Wolf Challenge. This event is going to be located in Mercer County, WV and held on May 16th, 2010. (Mixer on May 15th) It is primarily hosted by Bill Cole Subaru, which some people may be like UGH CARS? Two Wheels forevarrr!, but I think it is a great promotion and really brings people from all over the state together.

iPlayoutside has this listed under the description:

Distances/Course Map

Experts 4 laps (22 miles), Sports 3 laps (17 miles), Beginners 1 lap
View the [Course Map]

The event also has its own big, crazy website with all sorts of social networking widgets and places to register for everything from the race to getting a tattoo of the race standings on your neck.

So with a quick scan of the site, I have determined that on Saturday May 15, the mixer will happen from 5-7pm; this was said about it: (more…)

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