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Titus Cycles is having a contest where you submit a 30 second video link showing why you think you would be a good global brand ambassador. Here is my submission:

Check the criteria on the site if you want to read about what this contest was about:



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Okay, so either you are a regular reader or have found this article because you want to clean your bike well. This specific guide is for road bikes only. There are many things that need to be done differently with a road bike as compared to a mountain bike that I may need to do a MTB guide later.

First, get your bike and your stand ready.

This bike stand is a custom-made piece that I use for repair and cleaning. It is made out of a foldable saw horse and other items. Works very well to keep the bike stable and off the ground.

Next, get your cleaning bucket and supplies ready. These supplies should consist of:

  • Scrub Brushes
    • Large (Mainly meant for large areas)
    • Medium – Overall areas, and crankset
    • Toothbrush – Small areas
    • Gear Brush
  • Grease
    • Anti Seize
    • Standard Grease
    • Carbon Paste
  • Cloths/Rags
    • Polishing Rag
    • Grease Rag
    • Scrub Rag
  • Any Tools Needed to Complete the Cleaning Job
  • Water Bucket + Soap (I use hand soap or Dawn)

The baby powder shown above is for use in tires when installing a new one, and the spray bottle is to get dirt out of tough-to-reach areas if need be. I also suggest getting a small box or container to place bolts, parts or accessories you may need to remove from the bike.

Don’t forget your most important item which will keep your clothes protected while dealing with your bike, the apron: (more…)

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