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Trying out a new product today, I took out the mountain bike, and went for a very hot ride. For as many months that I wished for the snow to end, how can one person be so hypocritical and grumble about the tropical heat and humidity? Riding in the heat zaps your energy. My cadence and speed were not affected, but my energy reserves were, so to speak…

After slogging around for a while, I led myself out of the woods taking a cut off that would remove about four or five miles from the ride; unfortunately there were four miles left… Four long miles… Something was coming over me, and I knew that I didn’t want to ride, but had to get home; it was a real catch-22. My blood sugar was low; it took me a while to figure it out, but once I figured it out it all made sense. I’ve had diabetes nearly all my life, so this was not a foreign thing, but rarely does it happen mid-ride.

Cutting the ride short was not enough. I should have brought food with me, but I wasn’t expecting to be very far, or out as long as I was. Bad move on my part…  Making my way home was quite awkward, my blood sugar was so low I could not pedal correctly at all. My left leg kept wanting to turn out in the style seen when taking a wild hairpin downhill turn, and the right leg wanted to jam the pedal all the way down, then stop. I think I was swaying my body, wiggling the bike around, but I cannot honestly remember. I was delirious, but knew the consequences of not making it home would be worse than how I felt right there; and would not end well. I don’t think I would have died if I would have stopped right there and walked, or attempted to compose myself, but I didn’t want to risk it.

By the time I got home, my blood sugar registered 34mg/dl… I’m sure if I would have taken a half hour more to get home, I would be convulsing in someone’s yard in a coma…

So what was the lesson I learned from this all?

Bring a snack or cell phone, or something with you if going out for a ride… you never know what will happen…

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With the first month of 2010 almost over, it was about time to start making goals. Directions to take the blog. Things that need light brought upon them, and things I need to learn also. There is a lot about WV that I do not know. There is also a lot about cycling that I do not know. This blog is going to show progress in both of these alleys.

I’d really like to get out and explore more of the state. There are so many great places around here, and I need to become privy to the lesser known areas. This is where I hope my subscribers come in handy. If you ever have any suggestions on locations, let me know.

Another topic is to become acquainted with people in this state that can do good for cycling. Heck, I even hear Joe Manchin enjoys cycling. Nick Hein is the CEO, of Positive Spin in Morgantown. I hope to be able to learn a few things from him while at WVU.

The amount of businesses that dabble in cycling is actually pretty amazing in West Virginia. I’d like to see what they think about many things that go on, and what their goals are.

Me being the roadie that I am, really needs to develop a broader awareness of what is out there. Especially cyclocross. I didn’t know it was as big as it is here in the state. (Actually sending out an email to JR Petsco with questions about wvcx)

We can’t forget our MTB buddies, but there will still be a bigger chunk of time on EURO racing. Fitness will also be a big key for this blog, seeing how West Virginia’s obesity and diabetes ratings are only in competition with Burger King and Mississippi.

Also to the readers, invite me to one of your club rides. I’d really like to see a glimpse into other bike culture groups in this state.

There is still a lot of time left in 2010 and many words to be posted. Keep me updated with your lives, and I will keep you updated on all things wvcycling.

Don’t forget that wvcycling’s freebie contest ends Feb 1st

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