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Ordered this book from The Book Depository on December 24th, It finally arrived in my mailbox today…

allen lim biju thomas velopress

Skimmed through it, and there seems to be lots of easy, yummy, and moderately fast to make meals confined in this hardcover book.

The pages are crisp, the colors pop, and it even comes with a little pagemarker tassel built-in! Most definitely worth the price!

I’ll be doing a formal review soon, but I thought I would share this info so far…

First Impression?



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I purchased this dvd/book back in ?2008? and watched it once or twice. I guess I’m either not a fixie lover, or a hipster dude.

mash sf book dvd fixed gear

The flick had GREAT cinematography, and scene setups, but you can only watch skid-stops so many times before it just sits on your shelf if it isn’t your kind of thing.

The book is also very classy… Like something you would expect from Rapha, or other companies that sell you $300 products so you can be classy too. The outside printing even has a clear-coat layer that makes it look like tire tread all over the cover. it is 120 pages, and very neat.

I think I paid something around $40 after shipping for book/dvd.

Here is what others say about it:

Mash SF Stated:

 The dvd contains the 1 hour feature film as well as 1 hour of bonus features. It is packaged in a 120 page hard back book featuring the production of this project.

Some guy on Amazon.com said:

Simply put the DVD is amazing. It’s riding at it’s best and has inspired me to step my game up. It’s a beautiful interpretation of a city from a riders point of view. The 120 page book is also fantastic. Great photography of the city, riders, and culture. I strongly recommend buying this DVD set.

wvcycling’s price = $20 shipped. If you are a resident of WV and would like to do two 4-500 blog posts w/photos instead of pay me, I will ship it to you after your posts are accepted and published here on wvcycling.net.

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Being the cultured cyclist that I am, I saw Padraig’s post about a new book set on Red Kite Prayer. I’m not sure I even finished the review before heading over to BikeRaceInfo.com to buy them.

First of all, let me start by saying seven-hundred pages between the two books! SEVEN HUNDRED PAGES. In English at that! About Cycling! And when I say cycling, I don’t mean “The Complete History of Lance, Lance, Lance, and Some Other People Who Rode Bikes.” No, this is the Α to Ω of cycling literature.

The book starts out in the gritty post revolutionary times of France, and tiptoes around to explain the Dreyfuss Affair to us, while showing us what Henri Desgrange went through to make news to promote his little newspaper all the way to what the tour has evolved into today. The best part about ordering these books was that I was not sent some cheesy robo-automated shipping/payment confirmation. The authors contacted me and let me know that they would be willing ot autograph the books, and that they were going to be sent on their way on X date or so. Just having them do a mom and pop selling of their book and handling it their selves is a reason to buy these books. (more…)

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