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From now on, February 17th will now be known as International Tube Patching Day. This is the one day a year that you take all those punctured tubes you collected over the year, and patch the ones that are able to be repaired. This year, I had 13 tubes, 15 punctures (damned thorns during MTB rides always got me before I went tubeless)

The largest portion of tubes this year was Road, with eight tubes. Surprisingly, I didn’t have a flat since July… so I’m thinking I used several of these tubes on the cross bike too. There were three cross tubes, and two MTB tubes to count them all up.

Bicycle tube patching inner tube

inner tube repair patch

Instead of buying like ten of the little Park Tool patch kits, I ended up finding this, and it has lasted 2.5 years. http://www.dealextreme.com/p/bicycle-tire-tube-repairing-patches-with-glue-26263 Can’t beat it for $3.37 shipped.


Oh, also in international tube repair day, it is a good idea to perform some maintenance on your pumps, whether it be frame pump, floor pump, or mini pump.

At Trek’s price of $6.99 a piece, I theoretically saved myself $96.32. That’s a set of tires! See? It’s worth patching!

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