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Popped into CVS to get my diabetes medicines just a few minutes ago. Of course you have to wait ten or so minutes for them to fill out your prescription, etc, right? I start strolling around, heading toward the magazine section to see if I could find DirtRag or Bicycling or something…

Nope. No bike magazines.

I stroll some more and see if there are any houseplan magazines for the girlfriend. Nope.

“Oooh,” I said after finding their Clif Bar section. Lo and behold, they have Powerbar snacks too. Not only that, but they have the Energy Blast Gummies for $0.88!

A cycling snack for less than a dollar at a store? Unheard of! Grab them while they last!

Powerbar snacks Energy blast gummies

Once I try them, I’ll give ’em a review!

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