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I contacted Genuine Innovations last week about my Ultraflate Plus CO2 inflator starting to fail due to the O-rings in the inflator being crushed a bit. This was causing about one out of every 3 of my CO2’s to prematurely release, and fail.
Here’s my email to them:

How did you hear about us: Bought one of your products from an IBD

Subject:  Gasket failures

Comments:  Dear GI, Love your products, and have been an evangelizing fan of your inflators for almost a decade. I still have this guy, (http://www.mcguckin.com/images/2203626.jpg) the Ultraflate Plus in the older colors. I’m wondering if you sell repair kits for the inflator, because any of your threadless co2 cartridges I use have… like… a 50% chance of success of not leaking. I’ve peeked into the puncturing area of the inflator, and the gasket next to the puncturing piece seems to have met its match. :sadface: This is a problem… I have a ton of your non-threaded canisters, since the 6-pk is several dollars cheaper than the threaded ones at my LBS, and everyone and their mother is still feeling the repercussions of this wonderful economic downturn. What can I do to fix my little inflator?

I was hoping they would send me an O-ring or two that I would niggle the old one out, and replace with a new one.

Here is there response:

FROM:    DJ Lopez
TO:    ———-@yahoo.com

Message flagged
Tuesday, April 3, 2012 11:23 AM

Good morning sir,

I will send you some o-rings to the address below,

Kind regards,

Dj Lopez – customer service
p.520-295-3936 ext 133 f.520-295-3938

2700 e. bilby road
Tucson AZ 85706

Genuine Innovations , #1 In CO2 Inflator

Well… They did send me some O-rings…

Take a look:

To me, this kind of customer service really goes above the call of duty. I wasn’t expecting this kind of care at all.

Thanks Genuine Innovations!

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