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Stopped in Wal-Mart in Clarksburg to pick up a gallon of radiator fluid to replentish my vehicle after taking a trip to Morgantown. The toy department was right next to the automotive section, and I decided to take a look at their bicycle accessories… I wasn’t expecting to find gold, but it is always fun to see what the varying stores have.

Once again, most bicycles had multiple building failures; improper cable clamping, brakes installed wrong, loose wheels, etc… The number one, and easiest error to find and film is a loose handlebar; take a look:

If you even think about getting a bicycle from Wal-Mart, slap yourself. If you really must get a bike from Wal-Mart, make sure the thing is not a timebomb, waiting to tragically fail on you the minute you jump a curb or ride it further than a mile or so away from your house. Wal-Mart does not care about you, your safety, or what you do with this bike once you leave their premises. Make sure you are informed if you are planning on taking a risk and buying one of their bicycle shaped objects.

Filmed at Wal-mart – 550 Emily Dr Clarksburg, WV 26301. Phone number: 304 622-1954

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