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Cyclocross is its own kind of animal. It isn’t road, it isn’t mountain biking. I’m starting to believe that cyclocross is the rebel punk-bastard child of the cycling world. Even the tires show it:

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My old multi tool, the E-3 Multi Tool and Chain Breaker (one of nashbar’s generic outsourced product lines) has started to rust on me, due to keeping it in my jersey back pocket every ride for one season.

multi tool

Luckily I came across a new multi tool that weighs 1/3 of the previous one; the only drawback is that it does not come with the chain breaker. Weightweenie cyclists say the lightest tool is the one your friend is carrying… I hope this is true in my future for chain breaking, as for everything else, my new tool will do just as well as the previous:

fat tire cycle, buckhannon 26201

fat tire cycle, 26201 buckhannon

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Thirty years ago, 1980, bicycles were the same design that they were since safety bicycles were developed. I really doubt people were thinking of time trial bikes or some of the modern aerodynamic innovations brought to bikes these days; shimano di2 was not even thought about either.

The first time I used indexed or even non down tube based shifters was pretty mind blowing for me. SRAM Rival is a dream. I still don’t really grasp the technical standpoint¬† and need for anything more. Not sure what the future has for us, but Its kind of fascinating and almost scary to think.

Will we really have spoke less wheels or things like that in the future; are we ready for things like this? Are they economically viable?

Do we really want proprietary electronics already installed into a bike? speedtraps and what not are dandy, but I mean pre-installed flashlights or electric motors. These kinds of things are not hot with me?

What about you? What do you think bikes of the future will lean toward?

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Finally purchased the Garmin Edge 500.

If you want a detailed review of every morsel of the edge 500, go here: http://dcrainmaker.blogspot.com/2009/11/garmin-edge-500-in-depth-review.html

So far my tinkering has led me to these statements:

Took me about an hour to learn how to use it/install/read/calibrate everything at a leisurely pace.

Played around with settings for an hour and tried to install firmware update. Firmware update failed to install properly, so I was on the line with garmin’s 1-800 number for 15 minutes before hanging/giving up since the unit has a warning that if updates fail, then you may lose the primary firmware software already installed…

The cadence/speed sensor is so simple and efficient. Heart Rate monitor works as well as the Oregon Scientific, and Polar models I have done research with in the past.

Satellite locator = fast. The unit barely worked in my house, but it was fun trying with all of the snow outside.

Colors = Not my bag, but eh…


That is all.

Random Photo of Mine:

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